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Problem with Aperture Torrent


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Hi guys,

I have just downloaded Aperture 1.5 from limewire. It says that it was downloaded from demonoid.com and is from a guy called "geekman"

Firstly, im not somebody who tries to get something for nothing, but ive just payed put for a copy of Adobe creative suite and i cant justify paying another 300 for Aperture, when in all likelihood i will use photoshop most often.


The problem im having with Aperture is that it wont launch, almost as if it launches and then something tells it to quit almost instantly!

I then placed the icon in the dock, and when i click on it, the triangle flashes up and then disappears again. I have used activity monitor to see if there were any applications running that i didnt recognise but i couldnt see anything out of the norm, apart from an activity spike when i click on aperture.


Does anybody have any suggestions or fixes for my problem?


BTW: im running mac osx 10.4.11 on a 2ghz macbook.


Cheers in Advance



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does it give you an error report (this crashed do you want to send a report)?


I have been getting that with iDVD and iMovie. grr.


I read the report (part of a it), and it says that it quit because there was already another version of itself open. wtf?


this is on my hackintosh (see sig)

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UPDATE= I downloaded a second torrent of Aperture off limewire which was only 68 megabytes

It installed with a bit of tinkering to the contents and it launches fine. However it is only version 1.0 of aperture. It launches and all that jazz but when i try to do anything with it, such as import photos, i cant access the photos!


It has created a project with photos, "supposedly" in it but i either dont know how to view the photos or the software is missing something as none of the phantom photos come up on the screen


Any ideas?

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