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  1. Project: Mac Daddy

    Very impressive build so far, I especially like the rear I/O port that you made. Could you let me know which shop on ebay you bought the case from? Also, how come you decided not to use the power supply that came with the case?
  2. MAC PRO Case mod project with EATX motherboard

    Very excited to see this working. Its very reassuring to see an EATX board fitted without blocking the use of the Hard disk drives, as i'm planning on using an ATX board myself.
  3. Mac Pro MK II

    Thanks for the info mate Ive just ordered an asus maximus formula 2 (p45 chipset) along with a BFG 9800gtx, so ill hopefully get my macpro project up and running. Id love to buy a macpro at the moment but with nahalem just around the corner i want to wait until after that to make the plunge. For now i think that a overclocked hackintosh will do nicely.... thanks for the inspiration man, im glad to see that you decided to cut the whole in the bottom like we discussed, i think i might have to do the same thing myself as stretching the case height would be very difficult.
  4. Hey guys, I finally can afford to build a proper Hackintosh, rather than the old Dell that i experimented on, so i would like to hear any opinions on this hardware. £339.99 Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 £139.99 OCZ 16GB (4x4GB) PC2-6400C5 Quad Channel Vista Series DDR2 £159.99 Asus Maximus II Formula Intel P45 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard £139.99 Corsair HX 1000W ATX2.2 Modular SLI Compliant PSU (CMPSU-1000HXUK) £119.99 LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray Rewriter & HD-DVD ROM Serial ATA Drive - OEM £65.99 Samsung SpinPoint F1 1TB SATA-II 32MB Cache - OEM (HD103UJ) For Graphics cards i'm undecided i have three options 9800 gtx (ala AquaMac) 280 gtx (which i'd really prefer but im not sure if they work with osx86) A different card that you guys suggest The reason i would like to go with the 280 gtx is because when i run the computer in windows, i would like to be able to run SLI. I know that this is possible with 2 9800gtxs but i'd rather have the latest hardware possible. Any help would be really appreciated Paul EDIT: OH {censored}! I just realized that the asus maximus only supports x-fire and not sli, and then after reading further...sli isnt possilble on a p45 board at all. So what crossfire cards should i go for then? i'd prefer the 4870x2 if it is possible. NOTE: The graphics card must support Dvi-d as i'll be using it with a 30" inch ACD
  5. Mac Pro MK II

    I said it before and ill say it again, your mac pro is amazing Your running two 9800s, right? Is that setup as a purely windows machine? How did you manage to get two non-apple certified cards to work? are they in SLI or just multi monitor setup? Is there any higher level card you can run or is the 9800 series the highest for the moment? Also, what power supply did you use? and how hard was it to fit? Really sorry for all the questions, its just that i havent been on here in a good while, and i now have the money to build a proper hackintosh. Any help would be really appreciated mate.
  6. Which graphics card to choose?

    Guys please note that im not asking what graphics cards are available from Nvidia or Ati/AMD. But What is the best possible GPU for the mac pro, that i can flash using nvinject? I would prefer not to have the original card taking up a pci slot as im running fairly tight on space as it is.
  7. Hey guys, I recently bought a Mac Pro after suffering for years at the hands of my hackintosh, and its absolutely amazing! The one problem i have with it is the graphics card, more specifically the ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT that came with the macpro. The problem is thats its too noisey, too slow and old technology. So im looking to upgrade... Well i haven't been on this side of the hackintosh scene before so im wondering, What is the best graphics card for me to get? Apart from the 8800gt, most of the offerings from Apple themselves are pretty weak, so im most likely going to have to go down the Nvinject route. So what Nvidia or Ati cards can be NVinjected to work on the mac pro? Something like an 8800gtx or above would be where im hoping for Any help would be really appreciated guys Paul
  8. iATKOS v2.0i released!

    nintenno (sp?) Im well aware that this is designed to be run on a hackintosh and would {censored} up my macbook. I asked the question because it might have been packaged in a way that the original iso remains intact, which you then have to modify. But after reading through the article, rather than breezing through it like the first time, i see that they have packaged it as a ready made osx86 iso. What gave you the impression that im into torrents? Ive only ever downloaded one torret and it didnt work, so since then ive stayed away from them. Thanks for your help though
  9. iATKOS v2.0i released!

    E-z wider?..Bamboo? No i dont....i dont even know what they are lol EDIT: Rolling paper? wtf
  10. Soliber et all There is no minimum screen size for HD. HD requires 720 lines of resolution minimum (hence 720i/720p) Therefore any screen that can display images with a minimum of 720 vertical lines (1260 x 720/ 720 x 720) can display hd as long as the hardware behind it can support it. The weak link in the equation is the human eye, which has difficulty detecting the differences in resolution between different sized screens. So a large hd tv you watch at home from about 6 feet away will look similar in resolution to a 4" hd display held close up. I think that out of any electronics company, apple are the most likely to try this. But whether the market is there for portable hd screens is a completely different matter. I can see the reason people are saying that it could be used as a media storage device, but hd movies are very large in size. I suppose it may be possible with some clever codec work and some large flash based storage....Corsair have a 32gb memory stick for god sake
  11. iATKOS v2.0i released!

    So this includes a copy of OSX leopard?...how do you guys get around the license code? Can i install this on my macbook?, seeing as installing it on a mac is slightly more legal than on a pc?

    Adam, your idea for putting a mac mini inside a g5 case is nice, but kinda wasteful. The whole idea of the mini was so that it was small and light...two things that the g5 cases are not. This doesnt mean that you shouldnt do it, but in my opinion you could do better things with your modding time, such as putting the mac mini in a lunch box or the base of a bin.... infact, forget the last idea, i like it too much...patent pending, patent pending, patent pending What would be cool though is if you put the macmini in where the cd drive goes along with your extra hdd, and make the computer look like a genuine powermac from the outside....and then have something like a hamster cage or a fish tank inside. It wouldnt be that hard to hook up, just cut holes at the top of the rear section of the case, and run your standard mac mini cables out through there....and for the hardrive just use a usb to sata adapter Good luck with your project -Paul
  13. MacBook Pro - internal USB headers?

    You might try looking at the maxtor 32gb ssd. It has a read speed of 50 mbps but a poor writing speed. its still faster than a raptor, but costs £224. THe fastest of all the ssds, are the ones that use ram chips in a board that has battery, which keeps your data frmo becoming randomly accesed and gone. Flash hhds are really good for media center type pcs where silence is the most important thing, but they are dreadfully so require a cut down os in order to get any sort of speed out of them.
  14. My hacintosh - Silverstone SG01s-w modded

    Well they dont make a carbon fibre that is clear but there is an alternative. The word plastic is just a word used to describe polymers that display plastic characteristic, there isnt just one thing called "plastic". An alternative to clear carbon fibre, if such a thing existed, is polycarbonate, which is basically a polymer with a high percentage of carbon. They use it for making bullet proof glass, so unless you live in a really bad neighbourhood, there wouldnt be much point putting it on your mac lol Anywayz enough with the random facts for the day, good luck with your project dude! Paul
  15. Id think it has something to do with the fact the average guy in a mac store would be more design concious and liberal than the kinda guy youd find in pc world, creaming over artic silver paste and talking about star trek. Lol, This isnt strictly true, i was just getting in on the cosmos brand of stereotyping