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My experiences with Crossover


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Battlefield 2 - installs fine, 1.41 update complains of a wsapi.dll missing (not sure on the filename entirely), running it asks for CD, no-cd 1.41 crack doesn't run. anyone know how to get it working? i'd love to be able to play it. would allow me to stay in OSX and only have to boot into XP for high end games like FSX


Battlefield 1942 - Installs, but wouldn't let me eject to change CDs. gonna try with ISO copies of the CDs later


Star Trek Bridge Commander - Installs A-OK. 1.1 patch works too. the best mod, Kobayashi maru, gave me a Visual C++ runtime error after install. but without the mod the game plays fine. old as hell, but the best star trek ship battle game yet. multiplayer works btw :unsure:


Star Trek Birth Of the Federation - also old as hell. works 100%. no no-cd needed it seems. google and you can find a ISO copy freely for download i was kind of surprised to see it offered on a website like it's 1999.




i've got more games to try. does anyone know where i can find a copy of Cider? the torrents i've found so far just contain a "Cider" file inside a zip, and running it does nothing. appears in the dock for a second then disappears. trying my best to eliminate my use of Windows entirely. im gonna TRY to install Flight Simulator X but i just know it's gonna be unplayable even if it does install...its too graphically demanding lol

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I installed crossover too, but bridge commander gives me graphical errors. I see nothing but black shadows at the bridge. And in tactical mode, I only see the game tga images, officer faces everywhere instead the space. I have a macbook.



I also tried cider porting, I did everything, but game unexpectedly quits when I try to run. A cider port would be greatly appreciated :(


Any ideas?




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update: installed crossover 7.0, this time bridge and space area are visible, but I don't see the officer's bodies, heads are ok :)


will try to replace with my other image full of mods and uniforms, if it'll work.


by the way, galaxy class ship is transparent.





update2: not suitable for playing. at least in my macbook. quick battle is extremely slow and I see ship tga's everywhere especially in custom ships.

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Morrowind and Guild Wars work great in Crossover 7.0 but they each have their issues.


Morrowind: can't reconfigure the keyboard controls.

Guild Wars: the cursor has the tendency of disappearing (although frequency will vary from rarely-to-occasionally).


Hellgate: London is almost playable. All the graphics are there and the frame-rate is fantastic... but the mouse doesn't register so you can't aim.


As for Cider... cider isn't an application that you launch to load PC apps/games. It's a package where you insert your installed PC game into and run the PC game from it.


I have Dark Messiah and Dungeon Siege II to try out on either Crossover and/or Cider. I know for a fact that Dark Messiah works perfectly under Parallels.

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I got the CrossOver Games 7 trial, and Portal works fine when I add a dxlevel parameter. I dare to say that it works better in Mac under CrossOver than it does under Windows. OK, so the frame rate is incomparably bad in many cases, and the console text at the end lags just a bit under dxlevel 90 (and a *lot* under dxlevel 80) -- but otherwise it's great. I can even see the fire effects, which I couldn't under Windows, and the particle rendering is incomparably good.

Overall, I'm very satisfied. I'll run Portal under Windows when I need performance (ex. near the end), and I'll run it under OS X when I need stability.

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Some PC games that I've tested successfully in OS X under CrossOver Games 7:


Armed and Dangerous

Command & Conquer Renegade

Half-Life 2 MODS: Metastasis, Penetration, Ravenholm

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

Legacy of Kain

Max Payne 2

Max Payne 2 MODS: Sprut

Prince of Persia


Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 - some problems but it works:


- annoying limited rotation movement by mouse - about 200 degree of full circle only (tweak .ini files)

- occasional crashes (maybe ingame overflow)

- permanent crash on Rommel level loading - use cheats (saved games) to open all levels and skip it

- tested resolution was 800x600 (default) - I can't set 1920x1200 from menu - try to tweak bia.ini directly


It was Russian PC license version bottled under CrossOver - seems does not matter but you can check original version also.

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Dungeon Siege II works great in Crossover. There is no DirectPlay support so there's no multi-player, but the single-player experience is flawless. (Parallels Desktop is known for being able to run it, but the cursor is invisible. Not playable.)


Hellgate: London runs under Parallels Desktop (using the Crossover bottle). Gotta install DirectX 9.0c for it to make it work.

This only seem to work in single-player. Something in the patches (required for online play) screws up the graphics and makes it completely unplayable online.


Diablo 2 and Starcraft work nicely in Crossover as well. Diablo 2 is practically flawless (with 3D support) but it doesn't seem to want to run in fullscreen (the main menu is in fullscreen but the moment you load the game; it goes into window mode). I find Starcraft to be a bit too laggy, but it runs.


Got a few more to try.

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