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  1. Installing Mountain lion on Asus G75VW

    Anyone had any progress on the 660m yet? FINALLY got 10.8.4 running using iatkos and that multi-xxx tool we're not supposed to talk about to get USB 3 working. Aside from the wireless, only thing not working is the 660m.
  2. Ok, so I've tracked down a motherboard finally for cheap ($70). Question i have now is: I can pick from an early 2006 iMac mobo with a core duo like mine....or a late 2006 Core 2 Duo board. Both from 20" iMacs just different CPUs. Are these boards the same just different CPU? Obviously I'd rather have the core 2 duo than the core duo but not if the newer board won't work in my slightly older iMac.
  3. So, I snagged a 20" iMac off craigslist for $100 on a whim. Was told it would turn on and give a flashing question mark as if it can't find anything to boot so I was hoping it was just a bad HD or corrupt OS. Turns out, the hard drive was unplugged and I was very happy. Well, then I discovered the screen is artifacting pretty bad. Looks like dead pixels all over the place, but I can tell it's not dead pixels since moving the mouse over them hides them. After a little googling of course I find out this generation iMac is apparently notorious for this {censored} and from what I can gather it's the video card on the board that's gone bad. Only replacing the logic board can fix it, which is outrageous in price from Apple and I'd imagine equally ridiculous from anywhere like Geek Squad etc. The board can be bought from various retailers for around $300 but I can't seem to find one on ebay for the life of me. What's depressing is the board for the 17" model is literally half the price. So do I have any options here other than shelling out $300 and replacing the board myself? Installation is not a problem I've already got it apart and work on laptops for a living. I've tried different RAM just to be safe, reset the PRAM, took out the CMOS battery and left it unplugged for a while etc. It seems like the OS loads, even if I boot from an install DVD...but it eventually hangs at a bizarre looking screen with a few black boxes and a line of blocks up and down the screen. The mouse moves, I can mouse over the boxes and it covers them so it's not as if it's a line in the LCD panel itself. Very weird. If anyone could point me to somewhere selling the board for cheaper that would be great too but I've googled it to death so I don't have much hope. If only the 17" board would fit it and save me $150 lol Thanks to anyone that replies, your help is appreciated.
  4. Installed fine with Hazard's release per Joker's instructions earlier in the thread. Sound working right off the bat, I haven't begun to address the video card as it doesn't seem to be registering right. My question pertains to the wireless. WPA or WPA2 will not seem to work, it just keeps asking me for the password over and over. I assume WEP or at the least, no encryption, would work but that's not something I'm willing to do. Is WPA non-functional or is there a fix or something I'm missing? I've reinstalled the AtherosFix and IO80211Family kexts from the zip file uploaded earlier in the thread with no luck. An added note, it doesn't actually see the network on it's own - I have to go to Join other Network and manually enter the SSID etc. I've read and read, with no luck so far. My bad if it's been covered here already but damned if I can find it.
  5. Battlefield 2 **Cider** On-line play?

    yeah im keeping my eye on this thread i hope someone gets it working. i was gonna give the cider he posted a shot but i just decided not to. i've put probably 2 whole days worth of work into trying to get this {censored} to work and im not trying anything until i see confirmation that im not wasting my time lmao good luck
  6. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    there's an 'official' hitman cider release on the various torrent sites. i've got it. then again it might be a custom made one im not sure... i think im giving up on OSX permanently. tried and tried and tried and just CANNOT play the games i want to play (mostly battlefield 2). it sucks. i'd love to replace windows.
  7. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    is that the official cider bf2142 release you have? does it require the cd in the drive to play it? looking like its hopeless for me unless i can make cider see my cd or an image of the cd
  8. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    yeah but that's an unofficial cider port. in other words someone compiled that themselves it's not a copy of the official cider release. the notes for that torrent on demonoid mention it not being able to play online, only private servers or singleplayer too. thanks tho
  9. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    well, when i run Bf2 (in cider using the latest from GT) it doesn't even try to scan the cdrom drive so i think it's an issue of it not even knowing the drive exists. i wonder if there was some way to make cider see the drive, something in cider's cfg files maybe? i know there was a BF2142 cider release i wonder if that required a CD or if they used a different exe patched to not require a CD. if it needed a CD the key might be finding the bf2142 cider, and finding what's in the config files to point cider to the cdrom drive. anyone got the bf2142 cider? torrents for it have like 1 seeder to 50 leeches no hope there lol it seems like the world is working against me in my attempts to rid myself of everything microsoft
  10. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    no luck with toast mounting mdf files. anyone have any idea how to make BF2 see my CD? rip it to a full ISO then mount it maybe? driving me nuts. i can play singleplayer with the no-cd crack but when i try to go online it crashes. so i know cider is working, the game CAN be played, and apparently someone's figured out how to play online they just weren't very descriptive lol....think im gonna send the guys a PM that were talking about bf2 working online and cross my fingers
  11. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    gonna download toast and see if i can get lucky with it being able to mount mdf files (snagged the mini-image). something tells me BF2 is still gonna not see it properly. all you guys that got BF2 working, how did you do it? no-cd crack or using the real disc somehow? i have a legit copy BF2 just doesn't see it in the drive when in OSX.
  12. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    well, i got the urge to give OSX another go and i'm pretty stoked. Battlefield 2 running in all its glory on the same graphics settings as XP, probably a few FPS slower but STILL! the only problem? multiplayer, the entire point of the damn game. are there any tricks to getting multiplayer to work? when i go to join a server it just crashes me back to the desktop. im using the latest GT cider. could it possibly be punkbuster? i copied the registry settings over as suggested (edited info.plist etc too), debating on just copying my entire damn registry over to cider's system.reg. then again, could also be the no-cd crack im using i have no idea. anyone have any ideas? i see others are playing BF2 online so i know there's gotta be some trick im missing. singleplayer works fine and i have to say, im pretty happy with that. considering last time i tried, it wasn't happenin at all.
  13. CrossOver 6.2

    man i wish i could get Battlefield 2 to work properly. installs fine, but won't pickup the CD. tried no-cd patch but it just appears in the dock for a second and crashes into nowhereland. i'd love to bail on windows for OSX, even if i do take a bit of a performance hit in gaming. btw, games i've gotten to work: Star Trek Birth of the Federation - works completely, older than hell tho Star Trek Bridge Commander - works 100% but got Visual C++ error after installing the popular Kobayashi Maru mod, but also older than hell. DX8 game so im not surprised it works Superpower 2 - Installs, plays, but the menu buttons' labels are missing. all the buttons are just blank buttons without labels. MS Flight Simulator X - yeah right, not happenin. installer won't even run.
  14. Leopard server?

    i found the Leopard server installer on usenet when 10.5 first released and downloaded, got it tucked away somewhere. but it's the retail version and its unpatched, and thus far i've seen no attempts at making it work for a hackintosh. it'd need to be patched like all the other releases are and all that stuff.
  15. crysis / cider

    anyone mind pointing me in the direction of cider? i know i can't outright say "hey where can i download it" as it's probably against the rules of the forum here, but can i get a hint? tried all the usual sources, pirates novas and hunting isos. every Cider i see comes as a zip file, and the Cider program/installer/whatever inside doesn't work. it appears in the dock for a second then disappears.