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  1. Gix

    Morrowind on latest Cider

    I'm surprised that Morrowind is such a hard game to "port" over. Crossover Games and Parallels both have their failing, yet Oblivion runs perfectly on Cider. Crossover Games - crashes once in a while and has graphical issues with the minimap and doll Parallels - stutters like crazy. Still no luck in getting Morrowind to run on Cider at all.
  2. Gix

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    It works fine in 2097. Millenium BT, no sound and voice glitches? How'd you pull that off? I'm not really interested in downloading 5gigs. What were the grass and loading glitches? Never had that.
  3. Gix

    The Cider Wrapper Library

    I love the format and the idea is fantastic. I'd contribute except that I don't really experiment with Cider too much anymore. I got a few PC games that could work with it, but I don't have the patience nor the knowledge to build a functional Cider wrapper for each. The only thing I can do to contribute to this (as of this writing) is to add info on the Oblivion cider. Distant Lands and Bloom DOES work and I never really saw any issues or had any difficulties making them work (might be an nVidia thing). As for the VERY SUDDEN LOUD NOISE with ground collision, there is a work-around: If you go to your Oblivion.ini file under [Audio], there should be a line called iMaxImpactSoundCount=. Put the value to Zero and it mutes all the impact sounds. Also, shadows don't work at all. I think Oblivion is the only one of the list (so far) that is PC exclusive. I'm pretty sure the rest have a Mac port (I know NWN and one of the KotoRs are). About other games, I have Dark Messiah and Dungeon Siege 2 that do work with Parallels and Crossover, so I'm thinking those shouldn't have any trouble running under Cider (without multiplayer). Considering the game's officially over and there won't be able patches anytime soon, I figured I could also give Hellgate London (the SP version) a try... got it to run in Parallels but I don't have the patience to get it running under Cider. Any info to help my research would help... The only game I managed to get working under Cider is Oblivion... so I don't know the steps involved to get a wrapper working. Once I get something running, I'll upload. Don't hold your breath.
  4. Crossover is an application that allows us to install and run PC software (mostly games) on the mac without ever needing windows. Some games, like Oblivion, don't run under Crossover but if you install it via Crossover, you can move the game's folder inside a Cider wrapper and make it run as if it was a native OSX app. You can download a demo of Crossover on CodeWeaver's official website. It'll last you for about a week but that's more than enough time for you to install Oblivion. You may have the legit copy of the game (just like everybody here should - I know some don't, tisk tisk) but you can't really play the game unless you bypass the CD-rom check. Cider won't look in your Mac's CD drive for the disc. You can download the NO-CD crack and replace the game's .exe with the cracked one OR find the Cider wrapper that bypasses it by default. I had trouble installing the Shivering Isle (Oblivion's expansion) using Crossover. I had to use a Bootcamp partition but if you only have the basic Oblivion game, you shouldn't have any trouble. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=75692 <-- this is the original "get Oblivion working on Cider" thread. Should have all the steps although you can skip the steps about setting the trees at 0 and all that .ini stuff. Should have a download of a working Cider wrapper. Might not be the most up-to-date, however.. but that can get you started.
  5. Gix

    about an old game...

    An island where you do stuff and you can look at stars from an observatory... sounds a lot like Myst, if you ask me. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=gKCawALGeXw&...feature=related http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=ncvLi-lTlms&...feature=related <-- A video review (a bad one at that) that shows a short scene with the observatory. Might jog your memory. The game Locoputo linked might look different because the official link shows pictures of the 5th (and last) game of the series... you were remembering the original game. http://www.tekeeze.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/myst_3.gif http://www.mystjourney.com/img/main-myst.jpg http://www.ibiblio.org/GameBytes/issue18/g...myst/myst22.gif If this is indeed what you were looking for, I suggest you play REALmyst... a 3D remake of the exact same game. 3D as in realtime 3D instead of still renders. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=kDN_BIm30VI There's also a Nintendo DS remake of the game. http://dsmedia.ign.com/ds/image/article/87...16051253563.jpg Hope that helps
  6. Gix

    Morrowind on latest Cider

    Did anyone try to get Morrowind to work with the latest Cider builds? A few people said that they've managed to get it running with graphical glitches (missing torsos and such) and I was wondering if the new Cider builds would fix this. I'd try it myself but those few that got Morrowind to run never actually say how they did it. I'm curious. I know it works with Parallels Desktop and Crossover 7 but I'm looking for a more "direct" approach.
  7. Gix

    Fallout 3 using Oblivion's Cider

    Yep. Although I can't get it to work. I remember I couldn't get Oblivion running the first time until somebody else had set a particular .ini file. EDIT - the game also requires a few new DLLs (most notably the Windows LIVE stuff). As for bootcamp, yeah... this game runs SMOOTH (smoother than Oblivion ever could with the visual quality).. when it doesn't CTD.
  8. Gix

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    Ok, so I wasn't imagining it. Good to know There's a workaround for the sound glitch. If you go to your Oblivion.ini file under [Audio], there should be a line called iMaxImpactSoundCount=. Put the value to Zero and it mutes all the impact sounds. Apparently the combat swings (or at least the hand-to-hand) is muted by that also. It's not perfect, but it's better than having the noise a full blast. I don't know what computer you have, Testcase, but with my Macbook Pro has runs the game with all the bells and whistles with the exception of shadows and HDR lighting. I would have assumed that the game would look the same on any Mactel; only with performance variations. I'm not saying that your game doesn't look good or anything, but the black blob shouldn't be there. Have you tried running the game with the default .INI settings? In the game's directory (aka: where you find the .exe) there should be a Oblivion.ini file. The game doesn't access it but it does use it as a default/template for when it needs to create a new Oblivion.ini file (in your mac documents folder). Try making a copy of it to replace your Oblivion.ini file (in your mac documents folder). If that doesn't work, er, I dunno. The slow-down after combat is most likely due to the fact that the game changes music from Combat to Ambient. Try setting Music=0 and see if it improves.
  9. Gix

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    The best description I can give to that glitch is that, when objects (including bodies) fall to the ground and they make a "ground collision" noise, that noise is being played back at full volume. For example, if I were to shoot someone with a bow from miles away, I'd hear the victim fall as if they were right next to me... If the body knocks out objects on a table on the way down, each and every single object will "cling" "klang" at full volume. By "full volume" I mean: "sounds like they were right next to me at 100% master volume even though my master volume is that 25%" Happens roughly 2 out of 3 times when something falls to the ground. I wasn't aware that I was the only one hearing that.
  10. Gix


    I'll be experimenting with Cider and Crossover Games once Warhammer Online comes out. I'm kinda bashing my head on the wall right now because those who pre-ordered the Collectors Edition (aka: not me) have access to beta right now. It would've been nice to have a head start in trying to get it running on OSX.
  11. Gix

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    I was playing a bit earlier and it got me thinking; anyone found a fix to the audio glitch? Where the sounds of items (and bodies) falling on the ground would be played back at an extreme high volume?
  12. Gix

    Hellgate: London

    One of the unique traits of Cider is that it can only runs apps that run in fullscreen. You can play a game in "window mode" but it's handled by Cider/OSX. The application itself, still thinks that it's in fullscreen. Splash screens such as the HGL's Launcher uses Windows' windows and, ergo, cannot be launched by Cider. So, when you link the .exe to Cider, you have to link the .exe that the launcher calls. So far, the Icon will bounce once on the Dock and then disappear. So there's something missing...
  13. Gix

    Hellgate: London

    I got it to run under VMware Fusion (I had to borrow VMware Fusion from a relative). The cursor is "ok" but doesn't feel responsive enough. With hardly any graphical glitches, I couldn't get over 15-20fps no matter what I did; which is somewhat of a disappointment. I'd consider it fully playable if it wasn't so unstable too. Everything looks ok until roughly 20min of play and then the graphics (not to mention the entire system - including OSX) goes K-put. I used the 1430 build of Cider. I did mess around with the config file but not extensively (aka: didn't know what I was doing). All I do know is that you need to link Cider app to the appropriate .EXE (as opposed to the launcher).
  14. Gix

    Cider vs Crossover vs VMware Fusion Beta 2

    Yup, it's a direct competitor to VMware Fusion. Same features such as "Unity", saving "Snapshots", drag 'n drop, booting from a Bootcamp partition, etc. I personally prefer Parallels due to how it handles things. Cursor seems more responsive, disc utilities that allow you to navigate through your files without booting the virtual machine and it also has an option to change the host's resolution to the guest OS (so that playing games fullscreen is actually, you know, fullscreen). While it does have 3D support, it's still experimental (very similar to VMware Fusion). If I recall, it fully supports DirectX 8 but the "experimental" part is DX9. As far as that is concerned, VMware Fusion and Parallels are far from perfect; each having their pros and cons. At first glace, VMware Fusion seems to be able to handle shaders a lot better than Parallels; but at a terrible performance cost. VMware Fusion cannot handle sprites graphics; displaying flickering artifacts. Another thing that I find weird is that, while VMware Fusion can handle shaders better, it doesn't seem to be able to handle geometry the same way either. From experience, Parallels' only weakness in that department is shader support; everything else seems fine... apps (and games alike) run at an "almost perfect" native speed. People swear by VMware Fusion's performance, but I simply don't see it... coupled with the instability that I often experience, it just not worth it or, at least, I use VMware Fusion as a last resort. I think it helps that Parallels desktop doesn't require to manage RAM like a virtual machine; seems like OSX manages .EXEs and memory like it would with any other app. Another neat trick Parallels has is the ability to launch an app from the Finder; were as VMware Fusion requires the app inside the HD image. I can insert shortcuts of .EXEs inside the OSX applications folder and when I double-click 'em, Parallels launches and boots windows like Classic would on PPC machines (read: a small window with a progress bar). I very often install apps in Crossover and run them from Parallels... apps are so much easier to handle in bottles Also, I find that VMware has issues with the guest screen resolution in window mode. EDIT: Here's an interesting read:
  15. Gix

    Cider vs Crossover vs VMware Fusion Beta 2

    I got a lot of PC games and, so far, I have just about 9 games tested on practically all of the "solutions" I still got more to try out. So far I find Parallels Desktop as being the best solution. Seems to run almost anything and the performance is very good. Probably doesn't have the best graphics support (the higher-end games will sport some graphical glitches), but I think the performance and stability makes up for it. I know it's not part of the comparison, but I have to mention it. (7/9) Crossover gets my silver medal. It's simple, there's no OS and it's easy to manage the games inside bottles. Seems that whatever games Parallels can't run, Crossover will. (4/9) I think VMware Fusion is a piece of !@#$. Doesn't seem to run ANY of the games I dish at it except for one game, at a terrible performance (I get better performance on a real PC with a third of the hardware). Well, it CAN run other games, but there's so many artifacts and graphical glitches that it's unbearable. Some of the games that work perfectly fine in Parallels will turn into a pixelated and glitchy slideshow in VMware Fusion. The software is highly unstable too. I honestly don't know what people see in this software. Still, it managed to run one game that, so far, the others can't. (1/9) I prefer Cider as a solution, but it's a complicated affair. Bronze medal for you! You practically have to wait until people found a way to make it run before you get a chance at it and even so, you still need to get your hands dirty. I know it's capable of more but so far I only got one game working on it. Mind you, it's a monster of a game that no other solution can run and it runs great. (1/9)