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Running apps for classic Mac OS on OSx86


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if sheepshaver is ported you can run classic up to os 9.04. i'm waiting for that happy day. :)



Then prepare yourself to get happy. It's here. I'm running 9.0.4 as we speak. But for some reason it smears the pixels after reaching the desktop if you don't hold down the shift key during startup. This is caused by using millions of colors. Changing the color depth to thousands or less fixes the problem (This happens with the PPC version too atm). Unfortunately, the monitors control panel is inaccessable unless you boot with extensions, and if you boot with extensions, you you can't see anything! I solved the dilema by dropping an alias of the Monitors & Sound control panel into the Startup Items folder with extensions off, and rebooted normally (getting it open is almost impossible otherwise). Then I clicked around the left side of the window until I clicked on a different color mode (which let's you see!). Then I changed it to thousands, and increased the resolution. Also, I set the frameskip to 2 which makes the GUI more responsive.

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