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apogee duet on osx86?


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two year old thread........


has anyone tried the duet on a laptop without firewire? by buying a firewire pcmcia card?


i've been trying it, i've managed to get the firewire loaded but i can't get the duet showing.. if the duet shows, where does it show in the system profiler, under what ?


any suggestions ??



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hey, I'm pretty sure you need a firewire card with a Texas Instruments chipset. they seem to work the best for hacks. other than that, you just need to install the correct version of the driver, for your osX version. then reboot with the duet plugged in. the green light on the duet should turn solid and click before the desktop comes up.... then the maestro software should come up, and if you go to audio prefs in sys profiler it should be set to duet. if its not recognising it, check to see if your firewire is being seen, possibly change to a TI one.?

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ppl, i can tell you that my osx86 (SL 10.6.4) is working flawlesly, but!..


today i tried my apogee duet with a Pci firewire card (VIA VT6306)


this card is well recognized by the OS


i use ableton 7.0.16 / 7.0.18


so i selected my duet as main input/output devices on it


and, when working on a set, sometimes i have randoms skips (jumps), like the sound stoping and returning at a half second, very annoying. It can do it about each 5 minutes.


So i changed the pci slot of the firewire card.. and tried again.. and same results.


soooooo.. i needed to test this outside the ableton live (i closed it)..


and tried to test it listening some mp3 files with VLC media player..


and i have the same sound skipping problem.


So i quit, i don't know where the problem is.


May be it's the pci card. it is a very cheap card... i don't know..


may be another card with different chip... as rama says...


that's my experiencie with my duet+osx86


the duet is working fine on my macbook 3.1 (OSX leopard 10.5.9).

but i want to work on my desktop pc!! it is far more better, faster, stronger.. than my macbook =)


ok bye =)

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Jus bought an Apogee Duet.

Perfect working with Hazard 10.6.5 on Dell laptop xps m1530.

The only problem was the firewire 400 4pin on my hackintosh. I have to buy a firewire express card with an external power source so i can obtain two FW 400 6pin full powered. Just the expresscard without the external power (bus powered) will not work: not enough power for the duet to power on.

Is the only way.

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