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  1. Fixed: removed evoreboot.kext via Terminal
  2. Following TonyMac's Clover Basics and Switching Advice, I wanted to install Clover Sierra over my existing install (Chimera Yosemite, working well). The USB install went well, but afterward when booting via USB and then choosing my OS drive, I get this Kernel Trap error followed by a reboot: Any suggestions would be appreciated. Really struggling to find any information about this Type 14 Kernel Panic. Sometimes the computer restarts without showing the Type 14 Kernel Panic. Boot flags are: dart=0 nv_disable=1 I've tried -x and unplugging ALL devices from my computer except keyboard, mouse, and the USB install stick. I need this rig back up ASAP - thanks!
  3. ZildjianAVC

    WUSB54GC: How to use new official driver & utility

    does anyone have v3 working on Lion? EDIT: fixed! magically, an uninstall and reinstall of the Ralink software worked (after adding my vendor ID to the kext, of course)
  4. ZildjianAVC

    My Complete Hackintosh

    Great! Did you have to do anything special to make the case ATX compatible? I might want to do this myself
  5. ZildjianAVC

    Computer-CPU Stutters!

    well, a CPU multiplier of 16 worked in your case because you are underclocking your CPU. the suggested solution therefore should be to underclock the problematic CPU by one multiplier at a time under the problem is relieved, not to set it to 16. it will be different for various CPUs I imagine. that said, Georgiles has a problem that doesn't involve audio stuttering, so I'm not sure if it will be alleviated by this, but it is definitely worth a shot.
  6. ZildjianAVC

    Computer-CPU Stutters!

    hmm.. we have different symptoms because my audio was stuttering as well as my video. I would guess that the problem has nothing to do with your audio card, as there are no audio artifacts (and I'm guessing that other audio players like VLC do not cause a similar problem). It probably has to do with some background process in iTunes (whether it involves ethernet, wireless, USB for syncing... I have no idea). I would try an older version of iTunes. I've personally seen some oddness with the newer versions.
  7. ZildjianAVC

    Computer-CPU Stutters!

    Yes, turns out my CPU temps were way too high! That was causing the stutters. Got a new nice CPU fan and the problem went away. I'm curious what your stutters are like, because your problem is a bit more complicated. I know quite a bit about audio, so if you could describe the issue better than maybe I can help. What audio card you're using, is it periodic, does it always happen in iTunes, does it ever happen when listening to youtube music videos...
  8. ZildjianAVC

    [SOLVED] Not Recognizing all RAM

    Solved: Installed [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] which fixed both problems. How fantastic.
  9. My system profiler sees all my ram, but About This Mac only shows 4 out of my 12 GB, and Activity Monitor only shows 4 being used. This happened since updating to 10.6.8 tonight. I was using chameleon before, but now Im using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] (chimera?) since I get Chain booting error on startup otherwise. Anyway, just looking to get this RAM problem fixed. I absolutely need it. Thanks so much!
  10. ZildjianAVC

    apogee duet on osx86?

    Duet working flawlessly here on Dynex 3-slot firewire expansion PCI card.
  11. ZildjianAVC

    Computer-CPU Stutters!

    (reviving old thread as problem still persists...) yes, HPET is in 64bit mode..
  12. ZildjianAVC

    Boot 132 and Snow Leopard

    same problem here. chameleon doesn't see the SL disc. anyone, thoughts? edit: ended up using MacDrive on my Win7 partition to replace the missing files, which fixed my problem.
  13. ZildjianAVC


    would someone please explain how to boot from the disc in the first place? I have this same issue. thanks =) edit: ended up using MacDrive on my Win7 partition to replace the missing files, which fixed my problem.
  14. ZildjianAVC

    "can't find mach_kernel" on boot

    wow, thank you so much. I tried a search and still couldn't seem to find this. THANK YOU!!! edit: can't seem to figure out how to boot from the SL disk while at the chameleon screen. been searching everywhere :/ any tips greatly appreciated! edit: ended up using MacDrive on my Win7 partition to replace the missing files, which fixed my problem.
  15. ZildjianAVC

    "can't find mach_kernel" on boot

    =(( no one?