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  1. fit-noidea

    apogee duet on osx86?

    ppl, i can tell you that my osx86 (SL 10.6.4) is working flawlesly, but!.. today i tried my apogee duet with a Pci firewire card (VIA VT6306) this card is well recognized by the OS i use ableton 7.0.16 / 7.0.18 so i selected my duet as main input/output devices on it and, when working on a set, sometimes i have randoms skips (jumps), like the sound stoping and returning at a half second, very annoying. It can do it about each 5 minutes. So i changed the pci slot of the firewire card.. and tried again.. and same results. soooooo.. i needed to test this outside the ableton live (i closed it).. and tried to test it listening some mp3 files with VLC media player.. and i have the same sound skipping problem. So i quit, i don't know where the problem is. May be it's the pci card. it is a very cheap card... i don't know.. may be another card with different chip... as rama says... that's my experiencie with my duet+osx86 the duet is working fine on my macbook 3.1 (OSX leopard 10.5.9). but i want to work on my desktop pc!! it is far more better, faster, stronger.. than my macbook =) ok bye =)