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  1. I'm trying to get this patch to work on a Dell vostro 3550 laptop. I have 10.7.3 installed (aicpupm ver. 167.3.0) The patch has gone successfully, but when I boot without Nullcpupm or with the -allowCPUPM flag, I get all the way to the osx GUI, but then the laptop goes to sleep, If I press the power button it almost boots, then goes back to sleep and I can't get it to come back, It just loops like this endlessly. Is this likely a DSDT issue with sleep functions? is there any know workaround? thanks.
  2. rama

    Request DSDT for Dell Vostro 3550

    I have decided to have a go at lion now... Will the dsdt be the same for lion? or will I need a different one? thanks.
  3. Hi, I have tried to edit my own DSDT, and I have most things working... but there is another guy here with the same laptop who had his dsdt edited by you and apparently he has qe/ci working on snow 10.6.8. I would love to be able to get this working without having to resort to lion... thanks mate. 3550.zip
  4. rama

    DSDT editor and patcher

    nevermind, I looked around and found it on one of the other forums... sorry for blabbing before looking properly
  5. rama

    DSDT editor and patcher

    Hi, are you lurking in this thread somewhere MaLd0n? I heard you made a dsdt for someone over at tonymac for a Vostro 3550. I have the same lappy and I've tried forever to get qe/ci working to no avail. Any chance of posting the dsdt? Since the dells are a generic model you shouldnt need my one right? I'll post it later when i get home from work if need be. Thanks P.S. is it just a matter of running all the scripts in the 'sand bridge' laptop section of the dsdt editor on post one of this thread? will that pretty much cover it all? or are there some other tweaks you've got up your sleeve?
  6. Hey, i've been trying this for about 4 hours now... no luck. I did manage to finally get my chameleon boot screen to display 1920x1200 by changing the theme.plist "width" and "height" fields. BUT... the next screen.. the loading spinner is still fat and ugly. I successfully modded the bios twice, with the setup mentioned on the first post, and the updated version of page 2.... neither helped. I am using a MSI Nvidia gtx275. I can see the modes in the chameleon video info list, the last one on the list is 17d, 1920x1200... but how do i force it to use that on boot? graphicsmode in the apple.com.boot.plist doesnt work, i have it in there already... tripple checekd it, omiting the @60 on the end... still no diff. I am using Cartri's M/b bios/dsdt... maybe that has something to do with it? i can't understand why it doesn't work. Oh, and when i run the ./AnalyseVBIOS from terminal i get this: Found 1. possible NVIDIA Mode at 0x7df1(Decimal:32241) Empty Table at 0x7f11(Decimal:32529) Empty Table at 0x7f91(Decimal:32657) Empty Table at 0x7fd1(Decimal:32721) whats with the empty tables... i dont need to worry about those right? Thanks.
  7. rama

    apogee duet on osx86?

    can you please list the exact make and model of firewire card you got working? Thanks.
  8. rama

    ga x58 ud5 owners

    i pm'd you about it, but i just thought id add here... what sound card are you using? just the onboard one? motherboard sound cards are not capable of low latency recording and working with logic, you need dedicated hardware. I'm using an apogee duet. i just read another thread of yours and saw the motu... so my next question is, which method of install did you use? err... for osx i mean. you use digital dreamers guide? thats what i followed, worked like a charm... I was also using an ati 4870 which wored fine too... are you using the onboard firewire? you could try a pci firewire card, i was running one for a while, definately felt better than the onboard one.
  9. pcmcia cards dont have firewire bus power... sorry but it it wont work... I was looing into this too. The 6-pin socket is just for cable compatabilty.. totoally retarded when you can just buy a new cable for less than a pcmcia card. You may be able to find out how much power a firewire port uses, and frankenstien something to source power to it... which i was considering. but might be dangerous!
  10. rama

    apogee duet on osx86?

    hey, I'm pretty sure you need a firewire card with a Texas Instruments chipset. they seem to work the best for hacks. other than that, you just need to install the correct version of the driver, for your osX version. then reboot with the duet plugged in. the green light on the duet should turn solid and click before the desktop comes up.... then the maestro software should come up, and if you go to audio prefs in sys profiler it should be set to duet. if its not recognising it, check to see if your firewire is being seen, possibly change to a TI one.?
  11. same problem here, its driving me nuts. plugging into a different outlet doesnt solve it. I think it helps a little.. but its definately still there. I like to have my power amp running hot, it gives the best sound quality. having to turn it down 4 or 5 notches is stupid, since its a noiseless amp, the reason i paid so much for it! anyone else with any bright ideas?
  12. is anyone else having noise problems from their video cards? I have this horrible computery screeching/whirring noise (coming from speakers, not the physical card) when i view very contrasty images, or especially when i move the mouse... or anything graphical is moving on the screen. Surely someone else must be experiencing it. It's similar to the crappy noise that you get from onboard audio jacks sometimes... older computers used to be worse. I'm using a firewire sound card too... maybe its something to do with the firewire bus? my specs are in my sig, apart from my upgrade to an ATI 4870HD.. which is really a downgrade in audio quality, as my old 8800gt was a LOT better in this area. In fact i dont remember it being a problem in the old days of tiger and kaly 10.5.1. any thoughts?
  13. rama

    Is anyone using GA-X58-UD5 for music?

    I am... what do you need? I am using an apogee duet firewire. works great. only problem is that when i updated my video card i now get lots of electrical noise coming through to the speakers. I dont know if its a driver issue (ati 4870) or if its the card itself. i was using an old generation 1 geforce 8800gt before, and the noise was waaaaaay less.
  14. any chance of someone upping the files from 2nd post somewhere else? rapid share keeps giving me full slots errors... been trying for 2 days