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Apple is moving to Intel? Has Hell really gotten that cold?

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So, what are your opinions on this? Do you think it was a wise move to switch to Intel?


I predict that it won't be too long before Apple releases OS X for whitebox PCs, meaning that you may be able to get OS X on a Dell. I think this is just a step in that direction, although I could be wrong.


From the hardware side of things, it makes sense. It didn't look like IBM was really willing to work with Apple to develop the hardware they needed.

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No, Hell has gotten rather too HOT!


Mac-Hell defined as a graphic design bureau, where every one of the 30 staff (example) has a G5 DP on their desk, each drawing 200W with resting desktop and more than 300W if actually called upon to perform any work. :o


This example would be 6-9KW in all, the same as three to five electric heathers running all the time.

In the summer in CA, TX, NV or AZ, with the airconditioner strained to the limit even before that. :lol:

Then there is the powerbill and the Brownouts. :twisted:


Time for a change :!: ;)

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