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  1. Well I was hoping I could get it to run. You are probly right.
  2. Hq23t

    Something to tide us over

    Its a one for the rhapsody dev kit. ITs a basic how to use for devs.
  3. Hq23t

    Something to tide us over

    I have a Rhapsody:Discovering Openstep, a developer tutorial for the dev. release. It shows u how to use it and stuff I havent read it my self so I know only that little. So If anyone wants it just post and I wll put up a link.
  4. Hq23t

    Supported Hardware

    http://lists.apple.com/archives/Darwin-x86...n/msg00065.html This is what this dude said. But below me is a corection.
  5. This Great, Because I will be able to run both great(Xp only for compatiblity) os on 1 nice pc!
  6. Hq23t

    Longhorn/Vista? XP Warmed Over?

    I tought that they scraped the 4000 series. This new one was just stupid. I never got it installed on my pc cuz of the stub loader error(only on VMware). I can't wait for the 1st Beta!