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Lightweight PHP IDE


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Hey All,


I've been using OS X for a while now, and really prefer it to Windows, but for one reason or another i've never fully switched...


As a part time web-designer and "full time" student, i'd like to have a PHP IDE to use on Mac, not that really does anything really special... but with the sort of feature set you may see in something like Rapid PHP.


Basically, I want a lightweight IDE, that looks nice and has the following features:


Syntax Highlighting

UTF-8 Unicode support

Syntax Checker

and File Preview (e.g. click preview and current code is displayed in a browser window)


I haven't had much of a chance recently to look at different IDE's... but if anyone can suggest something that they think would be suitable it would be much appreciated.


If not, I'll probably get round to making something that does all I want in a few years :)




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Well, coda is not bad, but is not very usefull for developing. Its nice for small php projects, if you do not use classes, functions and that kind of stuff where other IDEs detects the classes and functions you created and include them in the code completion list, thats a great help and makes developing a lot faster.


I have been using Zend Studio (completely useless, hangs, freezes, slowdowns...) and PHP Designer on Win, and i have to say that this one is the best I've used. The remote editing works like a charm, code completion, multiple source editing (css, smarty, php, xhtml....and a lot more). One of the best features it has is that you can change the coding language of the file youre using. For example, i mix php and css for making dinamic css stylesheets. When i want to insert php code I specify the file language to be php (from a drop down menu) so i can use my code completion with this language. When i want to insert css i justa change it to css and "voila", now i can use code completion with css. Its also fast and easy to use. Thas a IS a great IDE (and not so expensive like others...)


My two cents


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Downloading Aptana 3 now. Wait, I seen nothing about no payment, is this App free?


Also, I've been using Coda for over a year now on OS X, it's great. There is nothing that compares to it in Windows at all, however, if I must write code on Windows, I do use PHP Designer, but it feels so damn bloated compared to Coda.

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Dou you like the word FREE?! Auto completion, code highlighting, error highlighting, debugging, backup path for saving project ans so on. <off-topic>I sound like I've got shares :D but a actually :( Oracle because they tear down Open source bit by bit.</off-topic>


As a student I would recommend you to try NetBeans IDE. It's not lightweight but it's free got auto completion, you've got a IDE which can save just like Coda straight remote, SFTP,FTP, SSL, WebDav, css, html, javascript, jquery, php and so on. I prefer it over Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Aptana, ,Textmate for webdesign project. I reccomend you to download Netbeans plug-in Oblivion for visual/screen-colors -->Nice grey background so you don't need your sunglasses after a while. 7.0 Beta supports html5.


Download VirtualBox, also free!, and install a virtualized linux distro for web server and you've got your own solid test 'n ode environment.


I use Netbeans IDE with CentOS and Ubuntu virtualized for LAMP-server and Windows XP and Windows 7 virtualized for testing IE.

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