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New InsanelyMac Logo?

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sorry to burst ur bubble but its still the {censored} logo on the frontpage.


and yes its ugly as with the old but hey no one listens in this forum so ill just leave it be.



No dude the original one's back. I just cleared my cache and refreshed the homepage and it's back.

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well the text on it said "insanelymac the evolution of censorship" so i understand why he would remove it :)


what the hell are you talking about? I never had anything like that, I cant even spell most of the words in that phrase. And yes Swad did delete my sig twice.


Change your signature again and you'll lose the right to have one. First, you image is too big. Second, it's flamebait. I don't want to see it again.


for one thing it was not to big and it just had the insanelymac slogan but it said "Your Sold"


here go to this link is you want to see it. I also made this one , watch me get banned for posting this. oh well


Dice :lol:



Oh I did make the comic as well, but never posted it on this site. cause I know I would get banned for it. Dont know how many mods and/or admins saw that one

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