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  1. sabr, why are you avoiding the question of my banning?
  2. AOMT

    Forum Update 21/8/07

    "inanelymac, your sold."
  3. ya know what, maybe it was sabr that banned me!
  4. AOMT

    Forum Update 21/8/07

    lol, k. sabr, can you please un-ban me???
  5. AOMT

    Forum Update 21/8/07

    me = alloutmacstoday, check my profile!
  6. AOMT

    Forum Update 21/8/07

    yeah, you missed something, WHY THE HELL WAS I BANNED!!!!!!
  7. AOMT

    I'm back D:

    yay, Prawker is bak . things might change
  8. AOMT

    rejection hotline

    seen it, there's one 4 every area code
  9. lol, he did some crazy {censored}
  10. actually erbic, i posted ramms rnt about other a few times, just trying to promote teh truth. but, i don't wanna be in a site that doesn't like the promotion of da truth. I advise anyone who feels tha way to come with me, and leave Hey erbic, you used my same saying "insanely gone"
  11. here in 4 parts Mail.zip.part01.sitx Mail.zip.part02.sitx Mail.zip.part03.sitx Mail.zip.part04.sitx
  12. *sighing 4 everyone* IM suks now

  13. no, i don't wanna come back to this hell-hole, i just wanna know why i got banned