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In love with MacBook Pro

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About 60 days ago i found this site and began experimenting with OS X on my Toshiba notebook. It worked quite good except the Intel wireless adapter and so i used an E-tech USB adapter.


It was then and there that i fell in love with OS X and one day wanted a real mac for my self.


Well..... That day has come!


Today i picked up my MacBook Pro 2.2 Ghz from an Apple authorized Reseller in the Netherlands (we dont have many or any real Apple stores).


So here it is, i already was in love with OS X but now i have the real deal, i'm blown away. What a great detail, the screen locking clips, the magsave adapter, backlid keyboard, its all in the details they say. Well i agree.


I know you hear this all the time, but afther 10 years of Windows use my eyes are finally open ;)

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I always use to tell my windows friends, come see the light with me, come and explore the wonders of the OSX. You have not known the joys of computing til you have used a mac.


Congrats on your new macbook pro.



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Congrats dude.... i know how u feel... i'm sure people on this forum know my experiences with a thinkpad t43 running os x 10.4.9.... i always wanted a macbook pro for my architectural studies and a macbook is too lowly for my needs....


i finally made the switch 2weeks ago, and i muz say, i felt the same way as u when i first opened the box and look inside... its a great feeling... never regretted ever since....

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Guest pcharles25

Man i was shocked when my acer laptop booted up and everything worked like a mac.


Celeron 1.6 1m Cache

GMA 950



wifi 4311 - airport

power management


i bought a MBP 1.83 man what a POS... Ugh... I Coundn't hardly gave the dam thing away.

i see them for sale on CL all the time...


I ended up trading 700 bucks and a data projector for mine... i wanted

rid of it before something else broke.

Mooing, Hissing, Squealing

Screen flashing

Very poor battery life

Battery Fell Apart

Mag Safe Burned up

Keys on the keyboard were falling out

dvd's getting jammed

getting to hot to touch

getting it to sleep was like russian roulette

if you closed the lid it may sleep, it may not.

if it didn't sleep it would dam near catch fire.


I Vouched never again to buy apple.

I Hackintosh :)


Screw me once, ill take it to my grave.

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Thanks all for your kind replies.


And pcharles25 i can understand why you feel this way, thats why i hope my precious never turns on me :D


But for now i'm loving every minute i have with my MBP :D


Again thanks for your kind words, i'm proud to be an owner of a real computer -_-

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Hey MacSimilian,


I realy like your signature, if i have a bit of time these days, i will make somting a little similar.


Again thanks, but congrats to you and your MBP too. :P



One more thing :D


Yesterday i have installed WinXP with Bootcamp. (Sorry had to do it because of some programs and games)

But afther some playing (maybe 1.5 Hours) my MBP felt a little hot to the touch. Is this normal?

I can understand that it can get a little hot because of the aluminum, so tell me should i ignore it?

( As far as i know it only ran a little hot under Windows not OS X)


Again thanks.

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Hey, welcome to Mac world!!!!

Just wanted to share something with you. Don't you get worry after you get new mac from getting scratch.

Get this item. you'll love it.


I bought the case from www.macbook-case.com for my girlfriend.

Here is the picture of it.


We loved it! You gotta see it for yourself. No Doubt!

I bought this to protection, but we got impressed by look. It looks plain if you compare it with other brand, but because of the simple design, it doesn't ruin the Apple design and looks fantastic!

MacBook Hard Case

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Well i have the Istat Pro widget zo i know how hot it is getting, and its only when i realy use it intensily.


And i found a couple of topics that tell me its normal.

Indeed thats a nice case, but i love the aluminium body, so i'll keep that for now.


Also i now have ordered the wireless mighty mouse, so i'm looking foreward to that mouse. :(

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Indeed it is blazing fast,


Yesterday my dad decided he wanted a MacBook Pro too. Thats why he ordered one at the same shop i got mine.

But thats not all, we both also ordered the mighty mouse as i sead in my previous post.

And we both ordered Apple care, the store was kind enough to give me the discount they may give new customers.


When i bought mine a week ago, i dindn't get the apple care, but when i saw that apple care costs 430 Euro's, thats in de range of 500 Dollars and the store offerded it with new macs for only 230 Euro ( give or take 300 dollar) i was shocked and wanted it.


Now that i have made my dad a switcher inside a week the store (an apple preminum reseller becouse we dont have real apple stores in the Netherlands) is giving me the apple care discount eventho my mac is a week old.


So i'm very, very happy with them and can't wait to next week when we pick up my dads MBP, 2 wireless mighty mouses and 2 times apple care. :)

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