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  1. My finder crashed always after 3-6 clicks and overall when I clicked with the right mousebutton. If u're experiencing the same problem and u have StuffIt installed then read ahead. U solve that problem the following way: go to: Macintosh HD/library/Contextual Menu Items/ and delete or move the file "StuffItCM.plugin" out of this directory. Now ur finder won't crash again.
  2. iLife '08

    Could somebody pleeeease upload it to rapidshare? thx
  3. iWork '08

    Looks not too shabby. But Steve's presentations are the best in the business I think...
  4. iWork '08

    Here is the trial link, which was removed from the apple website due too much downloaders: iWork '08 Trial U just have to enter a serial to get the full version.
  5. I got bugs in me finder

    Thx, I got the same problem here. Ur tipp works great. I also thought my Mac mutates into a PC...scary scary
  6. [Wallpaper] Angelina Jolie

    Stupidface: The wings are the same. Glad u like it. R2K: Thx, u dont have to like her, u just have to like my art.
  7. Here is a wallpaper I made. Photo of Angelina Jolie taken from skin.be. Editing and wings done by me. What do u think?
  8. [wallpaper] Dandelion

    Indeed very nice, the background alone would be great but with the flower it's even greater.
  9. website design

    I like it, it's simple but nice.
  10. Steve Jobs says "get a life"

    Of course Steve Jobs would never say that, but it is possible that he thinks that during his macworld presentations when he sees guys like him:
  11. Windows 98 BSOD Tattoo!

    omg what a retard and nerd in one person...
  12. Wow nice. Is it completly done in PS or did u start with a taken picture? This wallpaper and some meditation music....aaah very confortable.
  13. AdiumX Backgrounds

    Yeah nice. And btw how did u get the seperators between ur macbook specs in ur sig? I can't find the keycombination.
  14. Looks nice to me good work EFI. Looks like Tiberium in Command & Conquers 3.
  15. In love with MacBook Pro

    I got my MacBook Pro last week and it's soo great. I never thought on using my old PC again. Congrats to a sick laptop Captain Spekkie