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iTune 7.3 Available to Download

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"Apple has released iTunes 7.3, the iPhone-ready update to its popular digital media management software. Now available as a download from the company's web site, iTunes 7.3 handles activation and syncing of iPhones, and also includes the ability to stream digital photos “from any computer in your home†to Apple TV, an omission from the device’s capabilities at launch." -iLounge.com

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Some changes I've noticed, besides the obvious iPhone/mobile support:


#1 - Possible Bug?


I have my music sorted by band name. 311 is now listed last instead of first. Now numbers are placed AFTER the phonetic alphabet?


Eh, that can't be right. I think they made a mistake. The iPod puts numerals before the alphabet, so now finding songs is gonna be a little weird.


#2 - Minor GUI Changes to Reflect Latest Leopard Build


The ugly glossy dark highlight gradients have been nipped. I guess Apple was experimenting with some new GUI styles and didn't like it. Now, iTunes 7.3 sports a less-radical blue gradient.




#3 - Podcasts Not Limited to "List Mode"


Like music, movies, and t.v. shows, Podcasts can now be grouped by album art or put into Coverflow mode.


Last, but not least: Here's the extracted image of the iTunes 7.3's iPhone icon.


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The little arrow icon which you press to collapse and hide the playlist section doesn't even display properly for me:










Weird, eh?

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