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  1. Apple, leave my ebay acount alone!

    Honestly, the only really wrong thing you actually did was that you put too much "sensitive" information in your ebay ad. If you knew that putting osx86 on a PC, already voids EULAs and what not, then you should kept quiet about that information. Or at least been very "secretive" about it. Like mention something like, "Here is a great acer laptop, that runs any OS you want, whether it's windows, linux, osx86, etc. blah blah blah..." and just add your email address somewhere, where the buyer could have contacted you to find out that osx86 is pre-installed. Basically, if a person can get away with selling a "photo" of a $300 product, you hear this often with video game consoles and such, then I think you should be able to find a way to sell a product that violates the Apple EULA. Don't blame apple or ebay, you only have your self to blame because you weren't more careful selling this product. But hey, at least it worked out for you in the end. For future references, not just for you, but for pretty much everyone else here. YES, you can sell a laptop or a even a full-tower PC with osx86 pre-installed You just can't be so obvious about it.
  2. I don't, I am just trolling.
  3. http://arstechnica.com/journals/microsoft....ms-vista-and-xp Awe, how cute. You refer to HDs by gender.
  4. Remote Disc

    <lame anti-apple fanboy argument here> Well....I guess the thread is pretty much done.
  5. Remote Disc

    Engadget Mmm...I just love the good ol' smell or irony in the morning... And here I thought UAC being mocked in the apple commercial.....meant it was a real annoyance.... *siiigh*
  6. MacWorld: Steve's Keynote

    Haha, DAMN JAPAN!!!!! I just mean...you are pretty much paying for less then you can get nowadays...
  7. MacWorld: Steve's Keynote

    Anybody else a bit...ehhh...about the iTunes Movie Rentals? No Blu-ray or HD-DVD rentals...Idk, sounds like Netflix is still a win, heck I guess you can even say...more for your money.
  8. Windows Experience Index Scores

    CPU: 4.7 - Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz Ram: 4.9 - 2.00 GB GPU: 3.1 - SAPPHIRE Radeon X1550 Series Gaming Graphics: 3.6 - 1023 MB Total available graphics memory HD: 5.3 - 20GB Free (74GB Total) My GPU is the bottleneck of my computer, but it's doing fine with new games...Even Crysis was "playable" to the end, so no rush upgrading here...And plus I have been playing mostly Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress 2, and both run quite well. I will probably wait until the nVidia 8800s drop to the $100 price range...
  9. Inside Windows 7 -- what we know so far

    Sticman is just upset because his dad beats him every night...
  10. Milking Your Money

    Memory $1,200.00 ?! Damn! You might as well buy another mac for that money..lol
  11. 3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    I think all these Mac ads are rather white-centered... Look there is only on ad where there is a black guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rolx3HQbs74 "Computer Cart" and here he plays the role of an "error" Heck, basically there is no other variation of races besides white from there on.. Just white, white, and more white people... Soooooo.....Mac is a white man's computer?
  12. 3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    According to Dictionary.com Hmmm....but isn't a mac also built around a microprocessor for use by an individual, as in an office or at home or school? Ooookay... So a PC is only a Mac if it has Mac OSX on it.... What if I download and put Mac OSX on my Windows Computer? Do I technically own a Mac? Too be honest, these flame wars are getting rather lame, or down right retarded... You guys keep saying that Macs are great....Even though without Mac OSX, the mac is just a PC... Wow, that is like those retarded people that think their Dell monitor is the computer... Seriously guys, are acting like freakin idiots... Do Windows users go around and say Windows is better than a PC...NO! AND YOU KNOW WHY?!?! BECAUSE IT IS TWO FREAKIN' DIFFERENT THINGS! MAC OSX IS NOT A MAC TWO FREAKIN DIFFERENT THINGS! WHEN YOU SAY MAC IS BETTER THAN A PC, all you are literally say is that... A system with an apple logo is better than a system with...other logos(ex. dell)