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Live Webcast of WWDC 2007 Keynote...

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Here's a link to a site that is doing an online webcast of the WWDC 2007 Keynote. The Keynote begins 10:00 AM PST Monday June 11th (tomorrow).




http://www.macrumorslive.com/ <<< This one has already started showing pictures as of 7:00


If anyone has information about a live video broadcast, please let me know :P.


EDIT: Added another link.

EDIT: And another.

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- New Finder looks exactly like iTunes 7. Just as ugly, and with coverflow. WTF Steve, are you getting senile? Apps should have their own distinct look. It's ridiculous how much it looks like iTunes.


- Transparent menubar. Erm... like Vistas.. again WTF. Fugly new design. Looks like a bad skin for ShapeShifter.


- Stacks: a new way to organize folders and desktop downloads from the dock. Ok, finally a good feature.

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I'm a little disappointed. The majority of his "10 new features in Leopard" presentation focused on complete rehashes of things we already saw at the last keynote. Same exact pie chart showing how many people back up their files, same Dilbert comic strip being put into a widget, and the same focus on goofy iChat background effects.


Half an hour to go... maybe something worthwhile will finally happen.




Safari for WINDOWS. Hoooolllllly craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp.......






Getting back at Gates for the mandatory usage of IE as the default browser in old Macs. Now Windows users can use Apple Safari.

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No new iMacs. {censored}!!!!! I want one sooooooo bad.


I know why no new iMacs, and this new GUI looks resouce intensive!! For all the Anti-Aero this and Anti-Aero that, this looks like Aero in a lot of ways =(.

(I like Aero, but I always loved Finder)

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Here's the clearest, most unobstructed screenshot of the new Leopard desktop I could find:




On their site, this image was downsized for some reason until I saved it to my desktop. If anybody can get a bigger screenshot, post it.


I'm guessing there's no "official wallpaper" for Leopard since Aqua was dropped? :thumbsup_anim:

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