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Here is the way to solve RESTART & SLEEP issue!


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I tried it on AMD and it works.

I have nforce4-based motherboard.

You get into CMOS Setup(BIOS Menu) and there

go to Power Management Setup - ACPI Standby State - and switch it to S3(STR).


Hope it will help many people.


UPDATED: For SLEEP issue set WakeFromMouse=Enable and WakeFromKeyboard=Enable. I didn't try it myself, 'coz my sleep worked out-of-box. And this settings was on for me all the time.


UPDATED again: I'm using JaS 10.4.8 release. Kernel is what is inside that iso.


Note: This post is for your help, I'm not going to explain you everything. If you like it - use it. If not - it's your rights, but please do not flood around.

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Guest Snowski

Hi m8


I have one last issue with my OSX86 install and that is the reboot stall.

I have tried setting ACPI to S3(STR), S1&S3 and S1(POS) but still get the stall (black screen and monitor goezs standby while pc is running)

I also tried adding platform=X86PC and platform=ACPI to the boot plist but no luck.

My details below (nforce 4 Ultra)

As a notice I have all the wakeup options (WakeFromMouse=Enable and WakeFromKeyboard=Enable, etc...) disabled so could it be that this has something to do with it? I never use the sleep so.


I really wish someone could come up with a solution so I can get this last issue out of my mind :thumbsup_anim:


Cause other then this the OS runs rock stable and fast.


Thx for all the support lads! great forum

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