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  1. Why not pick up a refurb or last generation if money is so tight. They have barely changed spec wise.
  2. Less time on forum

    funny. i was using this site to install mac on my amd a year or so before pcwiz made his membership but not so much lately and i barely know who he is except for reading a bit about him doing the news, but apparently he was something of a VIP in the year that. "Well here you go Alessandro. 5000 posts laugh.gif Guess it is the perfect time to take a break...." strange to see someone saying goodbye and yet at the time im reading this his post count is up to 5074, which is five days after the original post. thats 74 posts in 5 days or 15 posts a day. dragging the goodbyes out a bit eh? One important fact this that isn't mentioned in this odd forum post is the reason for departure. im curious now, pray tell?
  3. Ive had the same idea. i just want a server in my house to use my other bigger harddisks and save my macbook from having to be on all the time downloading or on skype. id build a hackintosh but i if there is a mac alternative reasonably priced id prefer to go for it by far. i found a last generation imac logicboard and i thought about buying it but it was without power supply and other cables and ideally id like to be able to run it from the original video port but what little research ive done into using the original one didnt take me very far. in my case id much prefer to build a chop-shop mac than to buy an old mac mini (which i also considered) because of the terrific benefit of having a video card of better quality and i couldnt care less what the outside looks like. though given the option id put it in a cool case. made from lego or an old fashion radio like ive seen on the net. i think youve got a good idea. whod buy a mac pro logicboard with all of the expense youd have if all you want is a semi basic computer. good luck. i hope you find out something worth learning and come back and teach me.
  4. whats that graphics chip? x3100? edit: yep Intel GMA X3100 graphics processor with 144MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory4
  5. do you think ram prices are likely to increase? ive just bought a new macbook and id be annoyed if they did and i hadnt bought any.
  6. http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#MacBook as i post this this buyers guide says that the current macbook is 37 days old. at that time it had a significant upgrade considering its history. all macs make it into the 100 - 200 zone before updates of any significance and the ibook/macbooks have shown them self to be fairly predictable so far. if they do update the macbook now that will have to make this model the shortest lived ever. a collectors item to be sure. go to http://lowendmac.com/pb2/index.shtml and check out the regularity for which the ibook/macbook line has a fashion for. sure enough macbooks will have LED screens and possibly some sort of aluminium case sooner or later. then again blue ray is coming too aswell as SSD's and esata ports. there is a new intel chipset coming out around may 2008. macbook pros are gonna be the first to get the new tech then followed a few months later buy the macbook. that would be a likely time for an upgrade i think. should be a nice one too and may get a new case and LEDs.
  7. important fact - macbooks were upgraded 1 month ago, that is product that will have to be sold. itd be a nightmare to have to release a new product then take them off the apple store shelves 2 months later and send them to whichever stores sells their old stock. i dont believe it. my guess. itll be a macbook pro with graphics cards comparible to its big brothers. LED screens are not going to be put into consumer computers just yet.
  8. single-button mighty mouse

    thats the idea im talking about. just move your finger to the right of the big button for the right click. easy right. you can scroll now by putting two fingers on the trackpad at the same time and moving them up or down. it works well. better than the windows side scroll in my opinion.
  9. single-button mighty mouse

    i agree that the 2 finger right click is a bloody great idea. i wish all notebooks had it. but look below that trackpad and youll see an enormous dinosaur of a button which has only 1 function. i see more in its future though. after all theyre going after the windows market.
  10. single-button mighty mouse

    now if theyd only put that function on the touchpad button of their notebooks id think they had made some improvement towards functionality rather than just trying to be unique with the single click button. and yeah i know they have two finger click. but why waste that huge button area.
  11. i have the exact same model as the one you mentioned except with 384mb of ram. i upgraded to tiger and it works well. i had to find a copy of tiger on cd and it took me a few tries before i realised i should update the firmware. one problem i have with this machine is watching movies. i only use this computer when im away from home. if i watch widescreen videos then it plays smoothly enough using vlc player but if i get a fullscreen 4:3 aspect ratio video it gets really choppy and drops frames from time to time.
  12. what i should have said is why the condescending comment. like whats your damage? whats your malfunction? whats your problem? anyway. i hope you have better luck with your next brand.
  13. i once fixed this problem on 10.4.6 by going into preferances and setting "put harddisks to sleep" to never. hope that helps
  14. if you read my post properly or looked at my specs below originally youd have seen i dont have an msi motherboard. nor did i even mention the word motherboard. however i do have an msi graphics card. whats your malfunction?
  15. i had an asus ati eax1600xt video card last year and it had problems. if i used my scroller on my mouse the actual physical card made and annoying electrical whir noise. when i played videos using it in windows and osx86 it was jumpy unless i played them off disk that wasnt my main hdd. also it was totally unsupported under vista except for an early beta. i changed to a msi 7600gs and all of those problems are fixed now. i hope your wrong about msi. i have about 8 months till my year is up.