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  1. sama, what about sleeping issue in your last release? Is it working?
  2. Great news!!! What do you mean - fully updatable? Did you put kexts in /Extra folder?
  3. Here is my voodooHDA kext LINK I didn't patch it or anything like that, just downloaded it. Also, I hear the sound from mic, but can't record it - it is silence when you play it. sama, about sleep issue - there is a really weird thing when I wake my eee up. Not only it can't start the screen, but also it lit the eeepc hdd led(constantly on, no blinking). But now I use external HDD for Leo... Maybe it can't wake the USB up?
  4. Djoser kexts doesn't give the sleep either now. Maybe something wrong with the other kexts. But Djoser kexts are better - less garbage on the screen. With the Elliot kexts I see a squared piece of junk right under the apple button after every restart. With Djoser - just sometimes and in different places. Fn-F4 and F3 not working for me, dunno how to fix it. Also there is a problem with PCGen kext - it can't load, so maybe this is the cause? No input thou... But try to move the mic volume slider really slow and see what is going to happen to its volume indicator - it will go mad at some point. Or... you don't have two mics in your input list? UPDATE: mic is working and its input channel is called Input Mix =) Yup, I have sama's Leopard v2.
  5. In Utilities- Audio MIDI Setup - change the format to 44100 and 16 bits. Should be fine. sama, what happened to the sleep feature? Why screen doesn't wake up? Which kexts have you changed since your first release? (It was working there)
  6. Cool packages! In the package Leopard options you said that voodooHDA gives low volume output. Here is how to fix this: go to Utilities-Audio MIDI Setup- and here set the output channel as PCM, not as Master(raise this on to max as well). You go to Audio Source - choose PCM from the list. Will try TimeMachine fix now. UPDATE: It crashes when I'm trying to open prefs. Can you tell me which files I need to copy, and where to? Never mind, I fixed disk permissions and it works now. Thanx for help! Spotlight from 10.5.6 works well on my 10.5.5 Also in your package there is a script which delete unneeded stuff - does it contains all the steps that you did to fit Leo in 4 gigs? I would like to see the script or list of unneded files, if it possible.
  7. Oops, my bad Thanx! EDIT: I've got Spotlight back, but can't do it with Time Machine. I've copied App, prefs, but don't know where to find the console binaries that I need to bring back. Any hints please?
  8. sama7896, can you add voodooHDA as well? It is definately working on my eee pc 900 =))) Also, how can I turn on the Spotlight and Time Machine, assuming that I'm using your image ver2?
  9. Just few words! Sound is WORKING NOW yeah!!!!!! (on eeepc 900) The heroes who made it possible are the VooDoo team!!!!! Thanx a million guys!
  10. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    Bigup for the VoodooHDA!!! Now sound is working on my eeepc 900!!! Thanx a million guys!
  11. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    Any luck with sound and sleep?
  12. Great! Thanx for the sama's image - now I can fit Leo on 4 gigs SSD :censored2: It is working well, except sound, wifi and sleep issue. I believe that sleep can be solved... What about the sound? Any ideas?
  13. Hehe, now when I've soldered bluetooth module inside the laptop, I have sound working with any bluetooth headset or headphones, without wires And as a bonus I can use my bt mouse So what's left to fix - wifi card, slow SSD, ethernet.
  14. troubl, for the beginning forget about native install, use iDeneb distro - most probably it will work.
  15. From what I can see there - ACPI is your trouble, troubl. Did you choose ACPI-Fix in Customize page during install? If yes, boot with -x and see if it boots. If it does then go to /System/Library/Extensions/ and delete kexts which has ACPI in their name. After that boot with -f once. Should be fine. If you didn't choose that, then reinstall again and select it.