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win ipod on osx x86?

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hi everyone,

i am planing to install the os x x86 10.4.8 on my pc and now i am gathering some informations. and many questions were answered through this forum. but now i have one topic, i have no answer for.

i have an windows ipod 5g and i am using it with windows xp. when i have installed os x i guess that os x does not recognize my windows ipod.

is there a way to mount a windows ipod in os x so i can transfer songs on my windows ipod using os x? i have no problem deleting my ipod and switching it to os x file system (can i use an apple ipod in windows?) the only thing is: i have about 250 playlists (one for every album) on my ipod and it took me a very long time to create all these playlists. is there maybe a possibility to save those playlists from the windows ipod and put them back on a apple ipod?


thank you for your help.



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i think that if you copied your whole itunes directory out of windows and put it over the mac one (i mean the files, not the actual program) it will keep everything, but you cannot do it off the ipod, youll have to reformat it for itunes to see it using the updater and restore i think if i remember correctly

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Mac OSX reads windows formatted iPods exactly the same, and yesh, updates them all because they are FAT32.


Yesh, copy the iTunes directory to your iPod, or in iTunes (7), Click file > Make Backup DVD and make a backup DVD.


Hoooope this helps.



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You can use every ipod on win and osx. If you are planning to use you're ipod on osx, yeah copy all your songs from you're ipod to you're harddisk. You can do this with Yamipod, Senutti etc.

Then reformat to apple format in itunes osx.

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thank you very much for your help! first i will have to make osx run on my pc, than i will try everything!

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