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  1. hello together, i am running os x 10.4.8 with a geforce 5200 fx pci. when i open flash based websites and try to scroll down the the mouse weel it is kind of slow, if there is not enough graphic power... i have a amd athlon 64 3500+ and 2x512mb ddr-ram. i have this problem with all installed browsers (safari; opera and firefox). does anyone know where the problem is? i hope it's not the graphic card.... some time before, i used the other graphic card in my computer, a sapphire x800gto². but with this one qe and ci were not supported so i bought the 5200 fx... and have this problem now... maybe there is a way to solve the problem? i am sorry for my bad english.... greetings michael
  2. michaelA

    ATI 7000 to MAC edition

    well, i am open minded, what do you suggest? my only problem is: i don't have a agp slot. there are two pci x-press slots on my sli board, but one is occupied with my sapphire x800gto². is it possible to put a different card on the other pci-xpress slot? there are also enough pci slots available! i checked the hcl list: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...#Graphics_Cards and i found a pci card which scould be completely compatible: the GeForce FX 5200 (128 MB) but there is one thing mentioned: Semthex 8.8.1 what is this, and how can i find out if my version of os x has this included?
  3. michaelA

    ATI 7000 to MAC edition

    thank you for your answer. so i have to buy a real mac edition, don't i? right now i am using a x800gto² but i have problems with the refresh rate. are there cheap graphik cards, which are full supportet? i have a install dvd with X1xxx drivers on it. if i buy me a x1050 card, will this card fully supported?
  4. hello everyone, i searched for a cheap apple mac graphic card for my pc. but the cheapest one i found was a ati 7000 mac edition for 120 euros and this is way to much. then i've got an idea: i buy the pc edition, because the 7000 card costs only 40 euros, which is very attractive. so now i have the question: is it possible to flash a mac bios on a pc 7000 card? for example, this bios: i am looking forward to your answer. michael
  5. michaelA

    colored bars after install os x 10.4.8 amd

    hello everyone, i solved my problem on my own: the version that i have has ATI X1xxx driver included, but i have a x800gto“ card.... so this time i installed the amd nvorce40 driver but not the X1xxx driver. right now i am writing @ (the at sign is on the l now...strange!!) osx and as we bavarians say: des gfreit mi narrisch, dos des jetzt klappt! i hope, that someone who has the same problem will write this post and will get help... i think that this is a great forum and i got so much information from it, so thank you everyone for asking and answering! now i will try to configure my os x, maybe i need some help later on from you guys. much greetings from the still infxckingcreadible cold munich (-10°C)brrrrrr michael
  6. hello everyone, first of all, here are the details of my pc: cpu: amd athlon 64 3500+ with sse2 and sse3 mobo: asus a8n-sli se ram: samsung ddr 400mhz 2x512mb grafik card: sapphire x800gto² with modded bios (16 pixelpipelines) hdd: 160 gb samsung IDE 5400 u/min (15 gb primary partion for osx reserved) so, i hope this is enough:-) second - the situation: i installed the 10.4.8 version with amd drivers included (nvidia40) and i used the tutorial in this forum: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=36516 i made every as told in the tutorial with the primary partition and the boot manager and the drivers. osx has been installed properly and i also activated the amd drivers, but when i try to start the os, i only get a black screen with some coloured stripes in it. sometimes there are two red stripes and sometimes the are white and blue stripes. the first time, i thought, this is some kind of loading screen, but it never changes.:-( unfortunately i cannot find any mistake during the installation process, which makes it very hard for me to fix the problem. maybe one of you experienced users can see, what i have done wrong. when i start os x, i can type some boot options. maybe i have to activate something or install some drivers in advance, but in the tutorial, nothing is mentioned about this.... maybe this one is for intel users.... i hope one of you guys can help me much greetings from the very cold munich michael
  7. michaelA

    win ipod on osx x86?

    thank you very much for your help! first i will have to make osx run on my pc, than i will try everything!
  8. hi everyone, i am planing to install the os x x86 10.4.8 on my pc and now i am gathering some informations. and many questions were answered through this forum. but now i have one topic, i have no answer for. i have an windows ipod 5g and i am using it with windows xp. when i have installed os x i guess that os x does not recognize my windows ipod. is there a way to mount a windows ipod in os x so i can transfer songs on my windows ipod using os x? i have no problem deleting my ipod and switching it to os x file system (can i use an apple ipod in windows?) the only thing is: i have about 250 playlists (one for every album) on my ipod and it took me a very long time to create all these playlists. is there maybe a possibility to save those playlists from the windows ipod and put them back on a apple ipod? thank you for your help. michael