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  1. I have this problem only when I use the iMacPro1,1 or iMac17,1 smbios. I had this problem since 10.13.2. If I use MacPro6,1 smbios all ports work. I tried editing AppleGraphicsPolicy to none for both models but that didn't work. So far everything works ok on my asrock x299 board. I didn't notice any different cpu p-states when switching smbios-es and sleep works fine.
  2. Menno

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Is it possible somehow to disable a Nvidia graphics card in the SSDT? Let's say I have a 1080Ti in the first slot for windows only and in the third slot there is the Radeon Pro WX 5100. If I boot with Whatevergreen it boots to a black screen because of the Nvidia card. (No web drivers installed).
  3. Menno

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Got it working by adding device id '67C0' as mask 'device-id' in a ssdt.
  4. Menno

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    It’s the drivers. I have the seem problem. Thats why I am trying to get the WX 5100 working until the iMac pro is released and the drivers are stable for Vega.
  5. Menno

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Is device id 0x67C7 supported by Apple? It’s the Radeon Pro WX 5100 and a Polaris 10 spec card with less stream processors. Similar to the Radeon Pro 570. I see the WX 7100 in the whatevergreen code, but not the WX 5100. (I have the card btw if I need to test anything). If it does not work, I'll order a WX 7100. More Info Bios More Info General //Edit I tried with lilu and whatevergreen but it's not recognized. The device id is in AMDRadeonX4250.kext listed though.
  6. It's the clean one. If it had any plugins it would KP much later. Besides it's the same EFI folder I've been using for the Gaming 9. So it's really a Asus UEFI thing.
  7. Ok I tried some stuff no allocation errors anymore but instant reboot after injecting kexts / applying patches (the +++++) (booting the kernel). Tried every option in clover with the kernel but with no luck. I'll give it another try tomorrow evening.
  8. Some wild guesses: - VMware is passing the cpuid to the guest machine and macOS refusing the AMD Ryzen cpu? - Maybe try to mask cpuid?
  9. Yes you still need the voodooTSCSync. I'll try to let it free up more memory in the source of the OsxAptio fix and recompile to see if it makes any difference. @Quadro78 How my PCIe devices do you have installed?
  10. I am testing an Asus x299 mobo also atm for a friend. (Tuf mark I). Same problems. The gigabyte was easier. Try to boot verbose, It will show the same allocation error.
  11. Good work! Do you have sleep/wake? I don't. It goes to sleep now but if I wake it it just reboots. Oh well. It's a workstation, not a laptop lol. I can wait a few min for boot.
  12. It's zipped with macOS. Is this also corrupted? //Edit By the way, I don't use onboard audio or wi-fi. So I removed also everything audio related. CLOVER.zip
  13. Does anybody know what sleep/wake patch I need? It goes to sleep, then wakes up again and then reboots.
  14. Try and remove (or disable at boot) the _xcpm_bootstrap patch?
  15. This is on DP5. My Intel Widget shows that its switching between frequencies. Only 1 DisplayPort doesn't work with Vega here. 1x Ultrafine 5k (2x DP to thunderbolt card) and 2x UD68-P (4k). In windows all three monitors are recognized, but in macOS only 2. Oh well maybe I add a cheap rx550 or so for the third screen.
  16. It seems that with the latest build of 10.13 and this EFI (stripped a lot) that power management works. // edit ok a bit too much. sleep and shutdown give a reboot lol. CLOVER.zip
  17. It spikes to 95c at 1.2v in windows with occt. Cooler is seated correctly. Stock (1.07v in bios) gets 65-75c over the cores with occt.
  18. Do you have multicore enhancement enabled in the bios? Then it auto overclocks to 4.5GHz. Mine is running on stock 4.0GHz. I need to much voltage for 4.5GHz. This thing is almost cooking here at 1.15v - 1.2v (95c). It's a standard AIO (Kraken X62). Also you don't need an FakeCPU ID for high Sierra, but it does not make much difference. What's your Geekbench score in 10.13? It's seems that the drivers for Vega in 10.13 are very immature and my CPU scores in Geekbench are also lower.
  19. Yes the frontier edition. I already reinstalled windows on the drive (It also only booted correctly from my nvme). My efi was also a mess though. I think you have the same patches. I'll wait until high sierra is released or if somehow the vega drivers could be loaded in sierra, but I don't think that's gonna work.
  20. I tried high sierra because I also have a Vega. I can get it to boot but it was so slow and laggy it was unbearable. There was somerhing horrible wrong. The installer did not have that problem. X299 + i9 is very buggy it seems.
  21. No problem, likely tommorow. //Edit Sorry been busy. It will be sometime this weekend.
  22. I got it almost to boot. I have a EVGA 1080ti SC2 but that hangs. Tried a old 270X and got a white screen.. tried safe mode and got a scrambled screen. Argh this Dell UP2715K is a pain. Ill try another monitor tommorow. // Edit ok so I managed to get it booted with my old RX270. Here is a result with 10.12.5 https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/3579174
  23. I keep getting an CR2 kernel panic.. Gigabyte X299 Gaming 9 i9-7900x
  24. Menno

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    C:\Users\Menno\Downloads\Rampage-IV-Extreme-ASUS-4206>PMPatch.exe Rampa ge-IV-Extreme-ASUS-4206.CAP Rampage-IV-Extreme-ASUS-4206-PM.CAP PMPatch 0.5.13 PowerManagement modules not found. PowerMgmtDxe/PowerManagement2.efi modules not found. AMI nest modules not found. Phoenix nest modules not found. CpuPei module at 0079EEC8 patched. CpuPei module at 007DEEC8 patched. Output file generated. Is this correct?
  25. Menno

    Clover General discussion

    Apple software raid boots fine here with clover. (from external usb stick)