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[HOW TO] OpenCore 0.7.1 > 0.7.2 differences


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As always, I recommend to read the message from @vit9696 with the summary of the work done during the month of July.


0.7.2 version brings OpenCore with fewer changes than we have seen in previous versions. Still, there have been more than 20 builds with some major modifications, especially in regards to bugs and security:

  • Keyboard not responding in Windows BitLocker
  • Handling libraries and tracking errors when compiling
  • Removing unwanted spaces in CPU information strings
  • SMBIOS data update
  • Security improvements (changes in Apple Secure Boot model and APFS driver).




  • Misc > Security > SecureBootModel (String): new value added (x86legacy), this is the recommended value for Monterey on Macs and Hacks without a T2 chip for better security and compatibility. Previously, the recommended value was Default, equivalent to j137 (iMacPro1,1, December 2017, minimum macOS 10.3.2), this value must be used in macOS 10.15 and earlier. j137 does not work with Monterey.
  • UEFI > AppleInput > GraphicsInputMirroring (boolean): This is to prevent keyboard input from not working in graphics-based applications such as Windows BitLocker that use non-Apple key input methods even when an AppleEvent key handler (e.g. CrScreenshotDxe.efi) is active. The recommended setting on all hardware is true.
    An interesting discussion about this is available on OpenCore bug tracker: OpenCore: Can't use usb keyboard on Windows BitLocker recovery menu.
  • UEFI > APFS: Increased default APFS MinDate and MinVersion to macOS Big Sur for better security. These keys are the minimal allowed APFS driver date and version to be loaded. Examples:
    - MinDate and MinVersion 0 is default (currently Big Sur), leave this value if you are using Big Sur or Monterey
    - MinDate=20200306 and MinVersion=1412101001000000 is for Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287)
    - MinDate=20190820 and MinVersion=945275007000000 is for Mojave 10.14.6 (18G103)
    - MinDate and MinVersion -1 is disabled (not recommended).
    It's required to change MinDate and MinVersion in the APFS section for macOS versions older than Big Sur.



Some kexts have been modified, it is recommended to use the most recent versions. They all have internal improvements, here only significant changes are commented:

  • AppleALC (Lilu boot args support)
  • CpuTscSync (Monterey support)
  • FeatureUnlock (Monterey support)
  • Lilu (improved 32-bit performance)
  • MacHyperVSupport (Monterey support)
  • RestrictEvents (improved CPU detection, MacPro7,1 UI in About his Mac, better compatibility with macOS 10.15 and older)
  • UEFIGraphicsFB (first version, basic display output without hardware acceleration on generic hardware)
  • VirtualSMC (Monterey support)
  • WhateverGreen (improved iGPU detection, updated documentation, better device-id spoofing support for AMD cards letting newer RX 6900 GPUs run without problems).

Many thanks to the OpenCore team.

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Happy monday everyone 😆

Unlike the song 'I don't like Mondays' based on a tragic event, I quite like Mondays because in my mind they give me a fresh start to put right all the wrongs I have done on the past days. Sorry for my off topic ramblings. :)

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Note: ocvalidate doesn’t check if MinDate and MinVersion values of APFS driver are valid for the installed version of macOS, you must check it by yourself.

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Is there any easy way to compare newer version of opencore config.plist with my present config so that I can add necessary changes using propertree?

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No, OC Configurator is very user friendly for some tasks but doesn't compare different versions. If you open both config.plist side by side (with ProperTree) and compare every key from left to right then you can check what changes must be done. What's tour current OC version?

2 hours ago, crazyi said:

It is strange that when I updated to OC 0.7.2, my macos entry was gone,  and windows entry was still there

What do you have in ScanPolicy?


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