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Useful app for controlling the brightness and volume on HDMI/DP displays.

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Hi guys,

For a long time i've been searching for an application to control the built-in speakers on my LG UHD Display and today I came across a great app which not only gives me access to adjust the volume on my displays speakers it also works pretty nice with controlling the brightness and contrast.


I've tested few applications before and they didn't simply work on my rig but this one does!


The application is called MonitorControl and is developed by JoniVR and you can find it at:








It works perfectly fine with my Apple keyboard so if you are using a PC's standard keyboard your milage may vary.




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Great find! But for me it only works for te primary display - the sliders do nothing for the secondary.

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under the app's preferences->displays if you check the Change Brightness/Volume for all screens it will work on all displays.


Thanks for the info. It's the first time I can adjust volume and brightness from menubar or keyboard in my display, Lenovo 4K, I had tried apps and kexts before without success.

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