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[HOW TO] Windows entry after macOS in OpenCore menu

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Sometimes a user says he doesn't like the Windows icon to be seen before macOS in the picker. Although I have responded to this question on previous occasions, I am writing it here as a separate post in case it can help someone with this concern.


The Windows system that is automatically detected by OpenCore is displayed before the macOS icons in the OpenCore menu. This is by default (for now).

To correct this behavior you have to:

  • create a custom entry for Windows in Misc> Entries, this entry is shown behind macOS.
  • set the Misc> Security> ScanPolicy key to a value that scans APFS and HFS file systems but not NTFS or EFI. In this way, autodetected Windows stops showing up before macOS.

Example: ScanPolicy value to show APFS and HFS file systems and SATA, NVMe and USB devices:

0x00000002 - OC_SCAN_DEVICE_LOCK.
0x00000100 - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_APFS.
0x00000200 - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_HFS.

1 + 2 + 100 + 200 + 10000 + 80000 + 200000 = 0x290303 hexadecimal (2687747 in decimal). In config.plist it would look like this:


More information: ScanPolicy: choose device types and operating systems to be scanned by OpenCore

Calculate the value of ScanPolicy: OpenCore ScanPolicy Generator





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Oh yes, your guides/tricks are really helpful. 🤜🏽🤛


Keep doing this amazing job 😉

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Hi miliuco dude,


I tried this, but then Windows not listed at all in built in picker (no icons).

So is possible to show screenshot of both parameter entries in OpenCoreConfig Window and also PlistEdit file?


So here is mine looking like this in:

PlistEdit custom entry for Windows in Misc> Entries:


OpenCore Configurator custom entry for Windows in Misc> Entries:



PlistEdit Scan Policy:




OpenCore Configurator Scan Policy:





 To create a custom entry for Windows in Misc you need to enter the entire path not just the name, you can find this through the shell




You can follow here https://medium.com/macoclock/guide-multiboot-dualboot-opencore-with-windows-macos-linux-kextcache-131e96784c3f    it starts from here : POST — INSTALLATION


or here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vhvpa_Ll5Jn1ULKYEEhbp0_hJYFk6kRu/view?usp=sharing  

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Wow, okay, thanks guys. After reading some of those links, I decide i'll tolerate Windows being the top of the picker list. This all seems far too complicated and time consuming to remove a wart, not that time consuming and complicated is anything new about Microsoft Windows.


Cheers guys

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