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  1. drayon

    Restart/Resolution problem with Clover

    Hi, CPU is i7-4790k, GPU Quadro K6000 x 2 Correct, I have 2010 Mac Pro, with two SSD. SSD#1 10.6.8 , SSD#2 10.9.5. So I clone 10.9.5 (maybe because is new but I need more the 10.6.8 it working better on Mac) to another SSD, I boot to this clone, install the Clover, then put in PC an try boot. I don't know what is this FakeSMC, this something in Clover install items? No, did not know about this, I thought because it pure MacOSX the Clover install to add and fix all pure to make work on any PC, so then I put in PC, starts, then the Clover is checking all this hardwares to set up, configure and make working for then boot.So I can't use working MacOSX from Mac Pro, do I need to set up all new from start in PC? I read this instructions but not making sense is it need real Mac to install the Clover first, of not working in PC how to install the Clover, i ask. Maybe I read more.
  2. drayon

    Restart/Resolution problem with Clover

    OK thanks, so I read many things, I get to the point in Windows to run RW-Everything and save as all the .aml files. I do this then try compile them back in OSX with MaciASL_1.3-265_20150930 but it has big errors. I attach zip file EVGA.Z97.FTW.DSDT.SSDT.zip with all the aml file I export from windows RW-Everything just like steps shown in guide. Did I need to do all this? What else to do with this files? I add picture of RW-Everything, I saved all the SSDT/DSDT things, do I do all the other things as well? EVGA.Z97.FTW.DSDT.SSDT.zip
  3. drayon

    Restart/Resolution problem with Clover

    1) What is boot with '-v' mean? 2) How to get hardware specs? I say motherboard type already. This PC run Windows, why no tools to get this hardware info when run from Windows? Why tools all Mac when can't run Mac to start with? No sense to me. 3) Enable Video card? Why it not do this automatic and how do I do this? EDIT: I try and guess what this '-v' Now black screen, white text, get to end then machine reboots, not much informations here.
  4. Had an install of 10.9.5 on my Mac Pro. I cloned it to another SSD, installed Clover_v2.3k_r3320. Put it in the PC, (EVGA Z97 FTW) fired it up, got to the Clover menu, hit enter, Apple logo appeared for about 5 seconds and then system restarted, it does this every time. It's not showing my native 2560x1600 resolution either, showing 1280x1024 instead. Where to from here, what do I do to successfully boot to desktop? thx
  5. drayon

    Clover General discussion

    I have to Interrupt because for some reason the forums won't let me create a new topic. I'd like to know where is Clover up to in development? What can it do and what is planned? Questions, 1) Can Clover now at this point be configured to boot directly to an OS set in a Start Up Disk Control Panel rathert than painfully forcing the system to run into Clover, force user to select OS and then boot? This wastes too much time if a user uses 1 OS 90% of the time and occasionally boots to another OS. 2) Does Clover finally provide the same hold down 'Option' key to select boot OS like Apples Boot Picker? Is this ever going to be possible or something the Clover team will eventually provide the functionality? Really just want to use OSX on standard PC hardware but have the flexibility to boot between OS's as easily as a Mac. thanks
  6. I see, the lesson here, never use mechanical hard drives, you just have to blow on them and they fail now days. They were more reliable back in the time when they were single platter.
  7. Since I can't post in the Clover sub forum, anyone able to explain why projectosx the home of Clover has been offline for weeks?
  8. This works: http://heeris.id.au/2014/ubuntu-plus-mac-pure-efi-boot/
  9. drayon

    Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    Is it possible to hack the driver to force it to run in 10.6.8 Snow Leopard?