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  1. drayon

    OpenCore Builder 5.7 (NEW)

    This is your assumption, to expect this for free, It wasn’t suggested by me. Again your assumption being a complaint. Suggestion vs complaint, very much different for those not inclined to take a defensive stance. There’s an opportunity for financial compensation of ones time and efforts in delivering such solution suggested. Me, others (how many, who can say?) wouldn’t think twice about paying $50-$100 or so on a solution like this. If it’s simple, produces a ready to run EFI for the hardware recommended, i’d consider it great value and well worth the expenditure. Far better that wasting a week of ones own time attempting to get past the boot menu, and being frustrated being ignored after posting requests for help. No idea what you're even talking about.
  2. drayon

    OpenCore Builder 5.7 (NEW)

    It'd be nice if this ran on Linux (Live USB Bootable), scanned the Motherboard/Hardware, generated all required SSDTs, generated a config.plist based on data acquired from the SSDTs ultimately to build a ready to go working OpenCore EFI folder. There's a significant volume of normal Mac users who need a macOS desktop machine who've been ignored and unaccounted for by Apple. The new Mac Pro, is simply out of reach for those who expected an updated 2012 Mac Pro desktop in the range of $2,000 - $3,000. OpenCore developers should consider catering to these users by making OpenCore simple and easy to use. Forget this BS {censored} attitude, that it's only for the privileged tech geek tinkerers that deserve to be able to use it based on elitist reasons they must learn themselves all about the technicalities of hardware/software engineering.
  3. drayon

    OpenCore Discussion

    Over the past week, many many hours (too many), I'm still unable to get my ASUS Gryphon Z97 machine to even boot with OpenCore. I configured the OpenCore config.plist exactly as displayed on: https://khronokernel-2.gitbook.io/opencore-vanilla-desktop-guide/config.plist/haswell Since that base didn't work, changed a million settings, and nothing will get this hardware to boot, OpenCore Menu just hangs in most cases. Maybe this ASUS Gryphon Z97 board is just buggy, not entirely surprised. I had 2 Z87 Gryphon's replaced and 3 Z97 Gryphons replaced because none of them were able to power/charge iPads on any USB port albeit ASUS product market say the USB ports have special additional power for this function, it never worked in any OS. Not even Android devices when connected ever get recognised!! Also strange random things happen with Video Cards in different PCI slots, monitors connected would switch around constantly, left would be boot screen, the right would be boot screen (Windows and Mac) sometimes no monitor will get signal if video card in last PCIe slot. Nvidia blamed Asus, Asus blamed Nvidia, sigh, Windows and Hackintosh. I have a Clover config working but can't get SATA Hot Plug working though. MaciASL won't compile my system DSDT or SSDT, some compile errors. Is there a Linux equivalent to MaciASL I could try test if compile on a Linux Live Boot? I attach Asus_Gryphon_Z97_MaciASL.dsl_aml_Files.zip with my System DSDT.dsl and System SSDT-1.dsl that won't compile and all the aml files that did compile. Attach my working Clover EFI folder. Attach a fresh new OpenCore Builder EFI folder, untouched. Anyone able to take a look? I trashed all the previous config files and decide to start fresh. wetransfer.com link for Clover EFI folder: EFI-Clover-Mojave-Gryphon-Z97-RX580-Working-Full_HW_Accell_H264_HVEC.zip https://we.tl/t-kwvnMvgNCO Asus_Gryphon_Z97_MaciASL.dsl_aml_Files.zip OpenCore-ASUS_Gryphon_Z97_Build.zip
  4. drayon

    Clover General discussion

    Slice, someone on MacRumors forums said Clover has been abandoned and that you're now working on OpenCore with the team. Is this true? thanks
  5. I have Asus Gryphon Z97 i7-4790k Intel HD 4600 Graphics (IGPU disabled in UEFI) Radeon RX580 (MSI Armor OC 8GB) I have 3 LCD Centre 30" 2560x1600 connected to Top DisplayPort Right 30" 2560x1600 connected to DVI-D Port Left 31.5" 2560x1440 connected to bottom HDMI port. I position all my application windows on each display, on restart all the application windows on the left display are moved onto the centre display leaving it blank. All applications windows originally on the centre display retain their position, same with the right display, all window positions are retained. With this current Cable connection config from card to LCDs, when I boot the machine the centre LCD displays the verbose code (Clover is set to 0 time out so I skip this) then all screens go black then the centre LCD displays white Apple Logo on black background until the desktop arrives. This is how I want it. Unknowingly, if different ports are used for the different LCD's then all hell of randomness breaks loose, the verbose code may display on the left LCD and then the Apple logo displays on the right or centre LCD until desktop ,or other switching variations, there's not much of a reliable pattern to determine which LCD will display verbose and which will display Apple Logo. So it seems beyond user control unless there's some setting the user can set a forced port priority on the graphics card. I have SwitchResX and have saved the current window application position but it's getting over ridden by some issue in the boot stage that is messing everything up. I have Whatevergreen v1.3.5 Lilu v1.4.0 in EFI/Clover/kexts/Other Clover Config: Graphics Pane: FB=Orinoco VRAM=8192 ig-platform-id=0x0d220003 Arguments: -v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 shikigva=144 shiki-id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94 SMBIOS: Product Name=iMacPro1,1 (This config allows full HWAcceleration on the Radeon HEVC/H264 encode/decode) This Restart messing up my window sets is driving me insane, in fact also is the randomness of the boot verbosity display and Apple logo display on the LCD. Anyone have ideas what is issue and if there are fixes for this?
  6. I have this Asus Gryphon Z97 board, in the UEFI I have enabled Hot Plug SATA Ports 2-4 I have the following: Aggressive LPM Support [Disabled] Hot Plug [Enabled] (SATA6G_2 - SATA6G_4) SATA Ports 5 & 6 I have disabled because not need. In Clover Config on the Kernel and Kext Patches pane in the KextsToPatch Tab I have the following: AppleAHCIPort Find=4585F60F 95C289C8 83E0FE66 85C9780F 84D2750B Replace=89C883E0 FE6685C9 0F98C141 08CC9090 9090750B Comment=First patch fix I/O error for ICH10 MatchOS=10.14.6 AppleAHCIPort Find=89C82540 6002003D 40200000 750C81E1 BF7FFFFF 898B5101 0000 Replace=90909090 90909090 90909090 90909090 90909090 90909090 9090 Comment=With second patch for hot-plug MatchOS=10.14.6 System Profiler SATA shows: Generic AHCI Controller: Vendor: Generic Product: AHCI Controller Link Speed: 6 Gigabit Description: AHCI Version 1.30 Supported Sorry for Clover screenshot, the window is unable to be resized to display all the KextsToPatch data What I do not know is, 1_if Hotplug on ALL the SATA Ports is need to be enabled fr this to work and all SATA Ports must be Enabled in UEFI. 2_What my ACHI Controller is showing `Generic` in System Profiler and if this is the cause fro Hot Plug not working. 3_SMBIOS, my product name is `iMacPro1,1` (to enable Radeon RX580 HEVC hardware accelerated encoding) not sure if this is affecting the ACHI being reported as Generic Anyone have some ideas?
  7. This OpenCore project sounds very important and valuable much needed, but it is still way way too complicated for us. Is it possible to make software tools for Linux to make a build much simpler and faster? Hackintosh tools we have a macOS but we need to use tools to run on the target hardware and if we can't get macOS installed then we can't effectively gather the data needed for OpenCore configurations. USB bootable Linux Live Desktop easily boot PC hardware with a Live Installer image like Intel's Clear Linux: https://clearlinux.org/downloads Linux live desktop installers don't need to install to the hardware but conveniently run to test target hardware. To make a PC hackintosh build happen, users currently need to do the following manually but make many mistakes cos it is trial and error: Make an EFI directory with all the OpenCore files: config.plist SSDT.aml kernel extensions drivers change UEFI (BIOS) settings on motherboard. So this guaranteed to take longtime to get working. Couldn't smart developers make Linux tools/scripts that will accurately automate these requirements to make a working OpenCore EFI folder specific for target hardware? Once this working OpenCore EFI config is created it could be saved to a repository for other users to download the EFI OpenCore folder config for their build? I imagine, user, USB boot a Linux live boot on the target hardware. User runs the tool that perform deep hardware and firmware analysis, gathers all the configuration information needed and produce SSDT.aml & config.plist files, info on required kernel extension and drivers. Tool creates an OpenCore EFI folder, downloads all the required kernel extensions, drivers, makes the SSDT.aml & config.plist files for the EFI folder. Produce a report on required UEFI (BIOS) motherboard settings the user must do. Compress the EFI folder, still in Linux Live USB boot, go to a website where is a repository to upload OpenCore EFI folder for the Hardware configuration, this repository allows other users to download OpenCore EFI folders for their hardware. It save duplication, it saves constant question asking on forums and that saves everyone so much time.
  8. OpenCore Boot Menu hangs on Z97 Asus Gryphon. I don't really even know what i'm supposed to do on this menu. There's an asterix on 1 my Mojave install, I can sometime hit 1 and enter then a the list Choose boot entry gets displayed, then what, do I do?? I don't hit any key and wait, the Chooise boot entry menu gets displayed with Timeout, then hangs. Enter, Start, 1, ESC, does nothing. I uploaded my EFI directory, it's configured as per documentations for Haswell. OpenCore_EFI.zip
  9. drayon

    Restart/Resolution problem with Clover

    Hi, CPU is i7-4790k, GPU Quadro K6000 x 2 Correct, I have 2010 Mac Pro, with two SSD. SSD#1 10.6.8 , SSD#2 10.9.5. So I clone 10.9.5 (maybe because is new but I need more the 10.6.8 it working better on Mac) to another SSD, I boot to this clone, install the Clover, then put in PC an try boot. I don't know what is this FakeSMC, this something in Clover install items? No, did not know about this, I thought because it pure MacOSX the Clover install to add and fix all pure to make work on any PC, so then I put in PC, starts, then the Clover is checking all this hardwares to set up, configure and make working for then boot.So I can't use working MacOSX from Mac Pro, do I need to set up all new from start in PC? I read this instructions but not making sense is it need real Mac to install the Clover first, of not working in PC how to install the Clover, i ask. Maybe I read more.
  10. drayon

    Restart/Resolution problem with Clover

    OK thanks, so I read many things, I get to the point in Windows to run RW-Everything and save as all the .aml files. I do this then try compile them back in OSX with MaciASL_1.3-265_20150930 but it has big errors. I attach zip file EVGA.Z97.FTW.DSDT.SSDT.zip with all the aml file I export from windows RW-Everything just like steps shown in guide. Did I need to do all this? What else to do with this files? I add picture of RW-Everything, I saved all the SSDT/DSDT things, do I do all the other things as well? EVGA.Z97.FTW.DSDT.SSDT.zip
  11. drayon

    Restart/Resolution problem with Clover

    1) What is boot with '-v' mean? 2) How to get hardware specs? I say motherboard type already. This PC run Windows, why no tools to get this hardware info when run from Windows? Why tools all Mac when can't run Mac to start with? No sense to me. 3) Enable Video card? Why it not do this automatic and how do I do this? EDIT: I try and guess what this '-v' Now black screen, white text, get to end then machine reboots, not much informations here.
  12. Had an install of 10.9.5 on my Mac Pro. I cloned it to another SSD, installed Clover_v2.3k_r3320. Put it in the PC, (EVGA Z97 FTW) fired it up, got to the Clover menu, hit enter, Apple logo appeared for about 5 seconds and then system restarted, it does this every time. It's not showing my native 2560x1600 resolution either, showing 1280x1024 instead. Where to from here, what do I do to successfully boot to desktop? thx
  13. drayon

    Clover General discussion

    I have to Interrupt because for some reason the forums won't let me create a new topic. I'd like to know where is Clover up to in development? What can it do and what is planned? Questions, 1) Can Clover now at this point be configured to boot directly to an OS set in a Start Up Disk Control Panel rathert than painfully forcing the system to run into Clover, force user to select OS and then boot? This wastes too much time if a user uses 1 OS 90% of the time and occasionally boots to another OS. 2) Does Clover finally provide the same hold down 'Option' key to select boot OS like Apples Boot Picker? Is this ever going to be possible or something the Clover team will eventually provide the functionality? Really just want to use OSX on standard PC hardware but have the flexibility to boot between OS's as easily as a Mac. thanks
  14. I see, the lesson here, never use mechanical hard drives, you just have to blow on them and they fail now days. They were more reliable back in the time when they were single platter.
  15. Since I can't post in the Clover sub forum, anyone able to explain why projectosx the home of Clover has been offline for weeks?