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HDMI issue in Catalina


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Hi my friends...!!!
My laptop is a MSI with HD 4600.
I have two SSD disks, one with High Sierra a other with Catalina.
I boot both systems from the same EFI partition on Catalina SSD.
On High Sierra all work fine, but on Catalina my HDMI don't work.
I send my sendme files from the two system with HDMI connected. I can't see what is the problem.
Can anyone see my files and tell me how I can fix my issue?
Thanks in advance.


First sed from Catalina.

Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Kali-Catalina.zip

Second send from High Sierra.

Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Produccion-High Sierra.zip

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12 hours ago, Hervé said:

Could be related to the SMBIOS and/or AGDP. I would suggest you try the following:

1) switch SMBIOS to MacBookPro11,1

2) if switching SMBIOS does not fix this, add WEG boot arg agdpmod=pikera

Neither option has worked.

@Hervé in your guide how to patch HD 4600 posted here, in post #5, you do reference to a change in AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy kext.

Is it possible that my problem lies there too?


Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Kali.zip

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1 hour ago, niknod said:

Try using boot argument agdpmod=vit9696

Thanks for reply, but my screen don't turns black after finishing booting.

In fact, if you take a look at my files from High Sierra, the patch is correct and my HDMI is working.

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