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  1. kali2000

    Laptop reboots when use HDMI in Catalina

    @HervéOk ... don't worry I'm return to my old config.plist and HDMI connection is solved. Now my only problem is sleep / wake ... In Mojave don't have this issue, only in Catalina. Can you help me ...? por favor... Do you remember me ...? I'm a old Dinesh friend ... you help me in another time to fix my laptop and I published my work on this site and OSX-Latitude. Do you remember? new files2.zip
  2. kali2000

    Laptop reboots when use HDMI in Catalina

    @HervéThanks for reply... If you see my new files, in config plist, you can see my patch to correct port in devices properties Framebuffer patch2 find-replace and now I change vram in device properties too. See picture. I delette SSDT-igpu from clover folder, but the problem persist. And what about sleep? Thanks. New files.zip
  3. Hi again...I'm update to Catalina and my old config.plist to patch my laptop with new methods... all work fine.Only I have a little problem with may HDMI connection, when use it my laptop reboots.Please... Can anyone see my problem reporting files and tell me...Thanks in advance.PD. I've noticed that I also have another problem, my laptop don't go to sleep. Files.zip
  4. kali2000

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    With LayoutID 7 don't have audio... And with another LayoutID I haves artefacts in audio device text.
  5. kali2000

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi my friends...!!! Can anyone add mi codec_dump to applealc? I test it with varios Layout_ID and I have artefacts in details or issues in audio and mic... This is for MSI CX61 2PC Realtek alc269VB Thanks in advance... CodecDump_MSI_CX61_2PC.zip
  6. kali2000

    Strange issue with GTX 1050 LP, I can't fix it.

    Hi Hervé... Thanks for your help, but I needed to update Mojave, so I changed my graphics card for a Radeon RX 580 8GB. Now everything works correctly. You can mark this post how solved... A greeting...
  7. kali2000

    Strange issue with GTX 1050 LP, I can't fix it.

    With automatic login I have same issue. Now, with nVidia disabled, I can see my nVidia in IORegistry. Add new files... Send me iMac.zip
  8. kali2000

    Strange issue with GTX 1050 LP, I can't fix it.

    Thanks for reply... I can't type my password and my screen is alternate with black screen... See link video to details...
  9. Hi again my friends...!!!I can't fix properly my graphics in my new machine...I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6 because nVidia don't have web drives to Mojave.I have GTX 1050 LP graphics and when I use web drives my system is stoped in login screen.I addched a video and debug files.Any help or sugestion is apreciated.Thanks in advance. Link video Send me iMac.zip
  10. kali2000

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi my friends... I want to use AppleALC in Mojave because my old patch for ALC269VB uses layoutID = 28 and now it does not work. LayoutID=28 has been removed from AppleHDA in Mojave. I attach my codecdump and my old patch. Can someone add it to AppleALC with a different LayoutID to work? Thanks in advance. Archivo comprimido.zip It is for MSI CX61 2PC
  11. Hi my friend... Thanks for this guide. I fix my brightness control.
  12. kali2000

    Asus G750JX

    Brightness control & FnKeys Brightness control solved with this Guide.
  13. kali2000

    Asus G750JX

    Hi again my friends... Now I'm working in new hack from Asus G750JX. All work, but have same issues and don't can fix it. I need some help to fix. @MaLd0nor @Allancan you help me please? I upload files. Issues: - Don't can get shutdown. I use fix shutdown v2 from Rehabman repository. - AR9285 is working, but don't can create iCloud account. - I use Asus G75VW bat fix from Rehabman repository to fix battery, but don't ups to 100% and when I unplug AC power, the icon does not change its status. - Don't go to sleep. - No brightness control. Thanks in advance... Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Antonio.zip
  14. Hypnotherapy http://evelynelthomas.com/ Psychotherapy

  15. kali2000

    msi h110m grenade

    Thanks Allan... @MaLd0n can you see my files and patch my DSDT please? thanks in advance...