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[BCM94360NG] Strange behaviour in macOS - Speed problems

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I changed my BCM94352Z to BCM94360NG (from fenvi) in my Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th because it's OOB, and I wanted to put the BCM94352Z to another notebook replacing Intel WiFi. 

So everything is okay, not lagging, not crashing, but there is a very strange behaviour on macOS and I don't really know what is causing that. Speed/rate was okay with BCM94352Z.


The problem:

1. If I boot to macOS from a cold start, or from a normal shutdown/start, the rate is always capped at 434 Mbit/s no matter what. Also the download speed is capped at 25-30 MB/s (should be ~60 MB/s)


1137644367_Kpernyfot2021-01-22-11_25_34.png.b4f69432b25898c1e098a3cf3c931f8c.png 1063271302_Kpernyfot2021-01-22-11_25_23.png.cf169475cc230dbd86a4eba151f47c02.png

As you can see, the speed is slow, rate is not 866 Mbit/s




2. On Windows, everything is okay, the rate is 866 Mbit/s, speed is also okay (~45 MB/s, not as good as on macOS, but it's okay).



Speed/rate on Windows is okay


3. So here is the interesting part: If I reboot from Windows (not shutdown and start but reboot) to macOS, the rate is okay, 866 Mbit/s, and the speed is ~60 MB/s. Still good after sleep, breaks after a shutdown.


1061714981_Kpernyfot2021-01-22-11_30_09.png.3d45b9cadabc3a6fad045b9c1bf83636.png 1966641297_Kpernyfot2021-01-22-11_30_45.png.30c7535f89b961fe55aff18478fa7c25.png

Speed/rate are okay after restarting from Windows


I really don't know what is causing this.

System specs are in my signature (Notebook 1).


Tried things:

- With AirportBrcmFixup.kext (without 4360_injector)

- With AirportBrcmFixup.kext (without plugins)

- Without AirportBrcmFixup.kext

- With AirportBrcmFixup.kext and "brcmfx-country=HU" or "US" bootarg

- With AirportBrcmFixup.kext and "-brcmfx-alldrv" bootarg


All of the above tried with both OpenCore 0.6.5 and Clover v5128 = Same behaviour.


I don't know if it'll help or not, but the router is an ASUS RT-AC66U (AC 1750) with original fw, 5 GHz settings: mode: 80 MHz, channel: 44

I'm in the same room with the router, it's on the top of a large cabinet, the wifi is covering the whole house (the notebook is ~3 metres away).

My other devices connecting with 866 Rx /866 Tx rate


I collected a verbose log:




Very strange...


Thanks in advance!


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Check your Box/Wireless Router settings and try to change channel to a different range for 5GHz/80MHz like the 1xx ones. Check it out when running windows.



Depending on the country in which you reside (Hungary?), it may not be suitable to specify a country code at all. I for one stick to ETSI locale and FR country code in France. Also, you could try without AirportBrcmFixup (which I don't believe you actually need for your card).


@Hervé Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that didn't solve the problem.

I tested with my main router too (RT-AC56U) but the results are the same. 

With or without AirportBrcmFixup, doesn't matter, the results are the same.

In this case, I didn't use AirportBrcmFixup.


1. RT-AC66U - Original Up-to-date FW - 80 MHz/channel 36, notebook is 3 metres away

  • Boot Windows from off state: 866 mbit/s rate - ~45 MB/s speed (OK)
  • Boot macOS from off state: 434 mbit/s rate - ~30 MB/s speed (NOT OK)
  • Boot Windows, restarting from macOS: 866 mbit/s rate - ~45 MB/s speed (OK)
  • Boot macOS, restarting from Windows: 866 mbit/s rate - ~60 MB/s speed (OK, PERFECT)


2. RT-AC66U - FreshTomato custom FW (2020.8) - 80 MHz/channel 151, notebook 3 metres away

So in this case, the speed was ~25 MB/s either on Windows and macOS, doesn't matter if booted from off state or not. The speed is capped by the FW. I put back the original FW after seeing the results.


  • Boot Windows from off state: 866 mbit/s rate - ~25 MB/s speed
  • Boot macOS from off state: 434 mbit/s rate - speed ~25 MB/s
  • Boot Windows, restarting from macOS: 866 mbit/s rate - ~25 MB/s speed
  • Boot macOS, restarting from Windows: 866 mbit/s rate - speed ~25 MB/s


3. RT-AC56U - DD-WRT FW v3.0-r44772 std (11/11/20) - 80 MHz/channel 112, notebook 1 metres away

  • Boot Windows from off state: 702 mbit/s rate - ~45 MB/s speed (OK)
  • Boot macOS from off state: 434 mbit/s rate - ~30 MB/s speed (NOT OK)
  • Boot Windows, restarting from macOS: 702 mbit/s rate - ~45 MB/s speed (OK)
  • Boot macOS, restarting from Windows: 702 mbit/s rate - ~60 MB/s speed (OK, PERFECT)




I don't think that the card is defected, but I don't really understand why it is working after a restart from Windows...


Oh and I tested with another notebook too: Lenovo ThinkPad T440. The results are same... 434 mbit/s if I boot macOS from off state.

Same with Clover and OpenCore.


Then I tested again with the BCM94352Z: boot macOS from off state: 866 mbit/s rate - ~50 MB/s speed (OK), same on Windows.

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'beats me. I too have one of those Fenvi BCM94360NG (because Bluetooth works faultless) but I found its wireless performance to be a little inferior to my DW1820A so I put it aside and kept using the DW1820A cards. But I can't say I've experienced anything like what you described.


It's not a big deal for me to restart from Windows to get it working, but sure it's a little bit annoying. Well, I'll make a script to do that automatically and will use this card for a while... I'll also try and look into a bit deeper about what the hell is going on with that.

If that won't work out, then I'll change back to the BCM94352Z... -10 MB/s, but that's not the end of the world. The only 'major' issue is that iPhone Instant Hotspot isn't working with that card.


Anyway thanks @Hervé!


One question: My notebook have 2 antenna connectors for wifi (1 main, 1 aux). Can I install a 3 antenna type card (for ex. BCM943602BAED) and leave one connector unconnected? Or do I need to install one more antenna wire?

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It's installed by Windows Update.

Driver date: 2015. 07. 20.



Someone here on Insanelymac posted a bootcamp driver zip for BCM94360CD, that is also working with this card


I also reported this to the Acidanthera team, hopefully they'll add a patch for this.



EDIT: They closed the issue, safe to say that there won't be any patches/fixes.

Really unfortunate... I really thought this card will be awesome when I bought. Next I'll buy an original Airport BCM94360CS2 with an NGFF adapter. That is the best.

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I've tried a Bootcamp driver an a driver from Windows update, the Windows driver is from 2016 and the speed is only 400 MBit/s. Can you please upload the driver you're using? Maybe I find a difference.

I wonder if no one else noticed this issue, or do we have faulty cards?









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On 3/3/2021 at 6:57 PM, kushwavez said:

Thanks, the speed goes up to 866 even after sleep. Let's se what I can find out.

On 3/3/2021 at 6:57 PM, kushwavez said:

@wern apfel Looks like this card was a mistake... I'll buy an original Apple BCM94360CS2

I own such a card, WIFI works perfect but the Bluetooth range is low.

1 hour ago, wern apfel said:

Thanks, the speed goes up to 866 even after sleep. Let's se what I can find out.

So it seems it's completely a driver issue after all... 


1 hour ago, wern apfel said:

I own such a card, WIFI works perfect but the Bluetooth range is low.

Yeah? Could you please give an approximate in meters for example?


If THAT is not working then... I have to install a 3rd antenna into my notebook and get a BCM94360CS (not CS2, CS is the one with 3 antennas), or a BCM94360BAED (but then Instant Hotspot won't work)

19 hours ago, kushwavez said:

Yeah? Could you please give an approximate in meters for example?

About 1 meter. The Computer on the floor and the Magic Mouse on a glass plate table. I'm not sure if the glass makes a difference, but had some delays when using the Mouse, with the NG card no issues anymore.

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Posted (edited)

Just an update:

Got an original Apple BCM94360CS2 card with an NGFF adapter (same price as the 94360NG), the speed is perfect, working Instant Hotspot, all good! Glad I bought it.

94360NG is a piece of junk. 


Just barely fit in the X1 Carbon 6th, because of the size the SSD and the wifi card made contact, so I used 3 layer tape so they won't make contact anymore



iperf3 local speedtest



76 MB/s max Download speed!!!!


On Windows it's about ~60 MB/s but it's jumping between 20-60 MB/s quite often. 

Most likely because of the driver is older (2015), so I'll update and see if it changes the speed or not, but I don't really care, it is perfect either way.

EDIT: Yes, it was the driver. After updating to the latest (2016) it went stable ~60 MB/s

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I think we have faulty cards, since other users not complaining about speed issues (this card is widely used). It may be a power management issue. It seems that the speed does not drop while downloading, but after some inactivity. Strange thing, still have 2 streams after sleep (after Windows was once loaded).




After some changes (e.g. ASPM off) the Tx-Rate appears to remain at 434 MBit/s, before it often fell to 7 MBit/s. More tests needed.

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