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17 hours ago, 5T33Z0 said:

Unfortunately it's a horrible automated translation. I hope some point a human will actually translate it to english.

Yes, I know that machine translation is far from ideal. Russian Russian translation is also a problem, which is that in order to have a more correct machine translation into English, you first need to translate it from Russian to Russian in manual mode: D

This means that there are many words that the author uses in a simple colloquial version, but such a colloquial version of Russian words is incorrectly translated into English.

Maybe someday I will fix it, and I also think to make a markdown version of the documentation in Russian and English, but I will need help to do it faster and fix errors/typos in the automatic translation.

Please correct the link to the guide in your signature.
(I translated all this text from Russian to English by Yandex translator)

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I started rewriting the book "Clover Hacky Color" from PDF to Markdown. So far, it's in Russian, because it's my native language and it makes it easier for me to write. As soon as I finish the rewrite and fix the syntax errors, I'll start translating it into English.


I will not refuse to help.



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