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17 hours ago, 5T33Z0 said:

Unfortunately it's a horrible automated translation. I hope some point a human will actually translate it to english.

Yes, I know that machine translation is far from ideal. Russian Russian translation is also a problem, which is that in order to have a more correct machine translation into English, you first need to translate it from Russian to Russian in manual mode: D

This means that there are many words that the author uses in a simple colloquial version, but such a colloquial version of Russian words is incorrectly translated into English.

Maybe someday I will fix it, and I also think to make a markdown version of the documentation in Russian and English, but I will need help to do it faster and fix errors/typos in the automatic translation.

Please correct the link to the guide in your signature.
(I translated all this text from Russian to English by Yandex translator)

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