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Found 4 results

  1. dgsga

    OpenCore Discussion

    Can I propose a new subforum be created for the new OpenCorePkg OpenCore front end being created by vit9696 and others, it is a fantastic piece of work: https://github.com/acidanthera/OpenCorePkg Even at version 0.1 it runs my Mojave 10.14.4 setup very nearly flawlessly. It consists of a 10KB bootstrap BootX64.efi and a 200KB OpenCore.efi OS loader. All configuration is done using a very well documented config.plist
  2. Slice is glad to present a new EFI bootloader. CLOVER Now version 2 rEFIt based. It is open source based on different projects: Chameleon, rEFIt, XNU, VirtualBox. The main is EDK2 latest revision. I also want to thank all who help Slice with the development. Credits and copyrights remain in the sources. http://cloverefiboot.sourceforge.net/ Main features: If you have a question please provide outputs from DarwinDumper (formed from Trauma tool). Thanks Trauma! Continued by blackosx and STLVNUB. CloverGrower Downloads Installation How to do UEFI boot How to use - common words Calculator for Automatic DSDT fix Instructions for GraphicsInjector ATIConnector patching Any kexts patching with some Samples CustomEDID Hiding unnecessary menu entries Instruction for DSDT corrections to do DeviceInjection works Development Themes About kexts injection Instructions for P- and C-states generator Patching DSDT to get Sleep working CPU settings and geekbench ACPI tables loading DSDTmini Custom SMBios F.A.Q. iCloudFix Using mouse. How to make orange icons to be metallic How to make software RAID (by Magnifico) How to modify InstallESD.dmg (by shiecldk) Config.plist settings Using extra kexts and skipping kernelcache Choosing EFI drivers Configuration files Automatic config.plist creating Custom DSDT patches How to do sleep/wake working with UEFI BOOT DeviceID substitution (FakeID) Using Custom OS Icons Hibernation Floating regions Error allocating pages while starting OS -----------------
  3. Austere.J

    AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    I tried to install OS X El Capitan on my PC and laptop, and so far everything seems to work fine. However, AppleHDA sound driver may become problematic on desktop. Brief hardware configurations: PC: i3-530/MSI H55M-P32/GTX460/RTL8111D/ALC888 Laptop: i3-380M/ASUS H55/AMD6370M/BCM4322/CX20585 I made a new patched driver based on native AppleHDA driver on 10.11 DB1, and my CX20585 works fine. However, when I tried to patch ALC888, I found that some codec ids such as 0x10EC0855 0x11D41984 are missing.(My bad) So it seems that AppleHDA binary has changed a lot. I reinstalled an old version (OS X 10.10.3) of AppleHDA.kext and ALC888 worked again. So is there anyone who make their desktop audio work properly by using 10.11 DB1's AppleHDA? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Update 1 @ 2015.06.10 OK, I solved my ALC888 audio issue. Apple added a new codec id 0x11D41983 in AppleHDA binary. If you are replacing 0x11D41984 with your codec id, please make sure that you disable 0x11D41983 codec. (Thanks to @lisai9093) You can either modify the binary by Hex Editor or use Clover's KextsToPatch. Name AppleHDA Find 8319D411 Replace 00000000 I modified toleda's audioALC script to support OS X 10.11 and I can confirm it works for ALC888 on OS X El Capitan. Update 2 @ 2015.06.15 new patch-hda script with OS X 10.11 supported: 41F by pokenguyen. new audio_RealtekALC script with OS X 10.11 supported: 42F by me. Note that Intel HD Graphics 4600 HDMI Audio in 10.11 is not supported by this script. I don't have HD4600 now so I cannot test whether the previous patch is still working. If you have HD4600, you can try it and post a feedback. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys i need your help cause i'm stressing myself to find out what type of mobo i should buy to install hackintosh yosemite at least.....my specs will be these: Cpu:Amd fx 8350 8 core 4 ghz Gpu:msi ge force 750ti 2gb ddr5 MB:Msi gaming 970 (i know it is named like the gpu) Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P/Rev 2.0or ASRock Mod SoAM3+ 990FX Extreme3