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OpencCore-HP-840-G1-Haswell Big Sur **Success**

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Here is my OpenCore 0.6.4 EFI with modified ACPI-files and config.plist to work properly with HP EliteBook 840 G1.


## Changes:


With Rehabman's SSDT-patches and kexts. You should boot OpenCore normally, but i have made very important changes to the ACPI-files and config.plist to make it as close to "Apple Like" as possible to fit the OpenCore mood.

* Removed ~~SSDT-HDEF and SSDT-HDAU audio patches from SSDT-8x0G1h.aml~~, and Applies AppleALC audio injection, you'll need to do your own research on which codec your motherboard has and match it with AppleALC's layout. [AppleALC Supported Codecs](https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/wiki/Supported-codecs).
* Replaced ~~IGPU.aml~~ With PNLF.aml for backlight controls to work properly with OpenCore.
* Removed ~~unnecessary config.plist patches that are made for other motherboards, like HP-840-G3~~.
* Removed ~~SSDT-USB-8x0-G1 and USBInjectAll.kext~~. Reason for this is USBInjectAll.kext is no longer being maintained and the USBMap.kext version is how real macs USB map. [USBMap](https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/usb/intel-mapping/intel.html).


## What Works:

- **UEFI booting via OpenCore**
- **Dual Boot with Windows/Linux**
- **Built-in keyboard (with special function keys)**
- **Built-in trackpad (Multi-Gestures)**
- **Native WiFi & Bluetooth via Broadcom DW1560 BCM4352**
- **HDMI Audio/Video with hot-plug**
- **Native USB3 with AppleUSBXHCI using USBMap (USB2 works also)**
- **Native audio, including headphone**
- **Built-in mic**
- **Built-in camera**
- **Native power management**
- **Battery status**
- **Backlight controls with smooth transitions**
- **Accelerated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4400**
- **Wired Ethernet**
- **App Store**
- **iMessage & Facetime**


Feel free to visit my GitHub repository for more detailed informations:




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Hi Thanks for the post, everything works except for one problem.


The trackpad and the buttons in trackpad is not working. They where working during installation phase. After install they stopped working

External USB mouse is working fine.


Thanks again for the great efforts!

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