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Z490 GigabyteMaster.Config plist Template


Hi all I have put together a  config.plist template to help you get started. Setting up your z490 Motherboard

It is a template for you to copy the settings to your OWN


Open it with a plist editor

And copy the same settings to your OWN Plist

You will need to add you own motherboard  serail numbers

I Have  put it so in the template (P.Y.O) Meaning put your own)

Z490Gigabyte.Master. Config.plistTemperate.zipOpenCore. SanityCheck Screen Shots

Attached  OpenCore Sanity screen Shots


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You don't need to create screenshots for the sanity checker. Each check creates a unique link which can be copied and posted:




I don't think it's a good Idea to add ACPI Filenames already prior to the referenced .aml files are existing. It's a great source for errors. I'd leave those out and tell people to add their own aml's and create a snapshot using propertree instead to incorporate them into their config.


Also, there's an App called OC Gen X which has all the Desktop Templates already included and can create a complete EFI Folder with drivers, kexts and config as a starting point.


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