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[Help] How to inject GPU when vBIOS isn't available to MacOS


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I am trying to passthrough FirePro D700 gpu to MacOS Catalina VM in ESXi running on MacPro6,1.

I have tried normal MacOS VM with ESXi it didn't work. After deep inspection and research I found out that ESXi doesn't provide the VBIOS to MacOS VM and hence no way of MacOS to read information about the GPUs.


After researching more I found out that with SSDT i could inject VBIOS via "ATY,bin_image" property. I extracted VBIOS with DarwinDumper and created SSDT. I installed OpenCore to add this SSDT and enabled WhateverGreen and Lilu. Now IORegistry shows that I have bios for my GPU but still there is no output on any of my ports.




I am trying to inject more properties but no luck.

I have attached my OpenCore folder and IOReg from the VM below.

Has anyone ever attempted something similar? Any help or pointers how can I implement this?


PS : Just to let you know I can make this work with Proxmox as it allows an option to inject GPU vbios but need ESXi for compatibility purposes.



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@Hervé : Sure. All I was doing is trying to explain them why this happens.


I agree this happens in VM and the reason it happens is lack of vBIOS and this could serve as a base for more vBIOS injection issues in general. I am happy to go by whatever you suggest is the best way forward.

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