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[Help] How to inject GPU when vBIOS isn't available to MacOS

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I am trying to passthrough FirePro D700 gpu to MacOS Catalina VM in ESXi running on MacPro6,1.

I have tried normal MacOS VM with ESXi it didn't work. After deep inspection and research I found out that ESXi doesn't provide the VBIOS to MacOS VM and hence no way of MacOS to read information about the GPUs.


After researching more I found out that with SSDT i could inject VBIOS via "ATY,bin_image" property. I extracted VBIOS with DarwinDumper and created SSDT. I installed OpenCore to add this SSDT and enabled WhateverGreen and Lilu. Now IORegistry shows that I have bios for my GPU but still there is no output on any of my ports.




I am trying to inject more properties but no luck.

I have attached my OpenCore folder and IOReg from the VM below.

Has anyone ever attempted something similar? Any help or pointers how can I implement this?


PS : Just to let you know I can make this work with Proxmox as it allows an option to inject GPU vbios but need ESXi for compatibility purposes.



It appears to be a VM-related matter rather than a a graphics card/driver issue to which this section relates. Furthermore, there's really no need to post in every existing thread you find related to graphics passthrough in VM like you did here and here and here for instance... We'd be grateful if the multiple posting frenzy would cease for now. Thank you.


This justifies entirely restricting newcomers to New Users Lounge until they know how to post on the forum.

@Hervé : Sure. All I was doing is trying to explain them why this happens.


I agree this happens in VM and the reason it happens is lack of vBIOS and this could serve as a base for more vBIOS injection issues in general. I am happy to go by whatever you suggest is the best way forward.

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