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Hi, I made sure I got the right kexts and bios settings for my system, and followed every step I could take on Dortania's opencore github guide but I was met with kernel panic. I sanity checked my config.plist and made sure I had the exact settings for my Whiskey Lake laptop. I've dumped my DDST and generated SSDTs using the SSDTTime method, except XOSI (I tried manually recompiling the GPIO SSDT but I also got the same kernel error). I made sure I deleted unnecessary kexts and ACPIs. I'm thinking that my Zenbook laptop has a specific way of handling Hackintosh. If anyone could take a look into my EFI folder and find what's causing them It would be greatly appreciated.


EFI and kernel panic picture is attached below


ASUS Zenbook UX331FN


Intel UHD Graphics 620

8GB of SDDR4

Opencore 0.6.2



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it looks like that the problem is caused by VoodooI2C.kext, read here to understand the problem and to fix it.
Try to keep your drivers up to date and use this app to update all kext drivers: https://www.sl-soft.de/kext-updater/

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