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Version Info

This build is compatible up to Big Sur Beta

  • Now Compatible with macOS 11
  • Please leave feedback with issues or w/o
  • Comitted to Updating up to OS 11

Latest Release Notes

  • Fixed Bluetooth and Wifi Stability Issues
  • Improved Preformance and Power Managements
  • Can Provide Files for Display Overrides
  • Additional Patches for 4K Display
  • updated for Big Sur
  • if using unsupported wifi card disable it in bios
  • use config.plist
  • Exact same functionality as Catalina

What Works / Does Not

  • Everything works minus in-built mic
  • Some displays may be detected as 40hz (working on fix)


  • Never tested USB C over Display Output, everything else works flawlessly
  • USB devices eject on sleep (not really an issue)


  • run sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
  • If no mouse, install all voodoo kexts using Kext Utility


  • This esentially an ultra-simplistic version that is stable without the use of a deploy or complicated file installations and copies.
  • You can easily view all the SSDT patches along with configuration files for the bootloader as they are all documented clearly in the files.
  • This does include a copy of Clover, which of course I do not contribute to and am only responsible for the provided files, patches, and kext placements
  • This guide provides a working setup with little knowledge of the topic and without "optimization" (because often they can break things). But, it is fully functional and preforms properly and is stable
  • Make sure you are using DW1560 for wifi or else KP. If not using remove BRCM kexts from CLOVER>kexts>other.

BIOS Setup

  • Disable Secure Boot


  • Due to structural changes in the setup of apple's Big sur, this EFI cannot boot the installer it can only boot into a system / device that has already been created and setup.
  • To do this, you need to install Big Sur to a virtual machine (lots of guides online) and then create an dmg of that system, and restore it onto your HDD using the 'dd' command
  • There are various guides online how to get this virtual machine setup complete.
  • You can then use the attached EFI folder to boot and use macOS big Sur
  • You can use this video to show you how to get your macOS pre-installed onto your hard drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMU3nhcbWHw

Boot Entry Setup

  • Due to the fact this BIOS is locked down pretty heavily, reccomended to use Windows to find a free tool to add UEFI boot entries

Messages and Facetime

  • Gnerate your own Serials, Board Numbers, MLB
  • There are various guides online to do this and as default they're set to essentially Null (Fakeserial)
  • This is fairly straightforward and there is lots of external recourses, or you can contact me for support.

Headphones and Audio

  • All audio from speakers should work perfectly along with Bluetooth and USB audio
  • no internal mic


  • MaLd0n for DSDT Patches (HUGE SHOUTOUT)
  • Original Kext Authors
  • Clover Team


  • Congratulations, there really aren't any more steps that are required. Feel free to contact me with any questions.




*check GitHub for latest releases and faster support https://github.com/tlefko/HP-Envy-13-Big-Sur


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