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Found 9 results

  1. UPDATED: 10/19/2018 Recent Changes: -general cleanup -removed title instances of Files -removed title instances of macOS -minor updates to "hotpatch" section -added thread history section -removed NOTICE: section, it is outdated -added 10.14 to thread title -added 10.14 to thread tags Previous Changes: -added artur_pt to Thanks list for being the first person to try to help me 4 years ago. -FINALLY removed the [WIP] in title. I think it's safe now, haha -HUGE post cleanup! should be (hopefully) easier to navigate -added new section for 10.13 High Sierra -added link to Andrw0380's 10.13 files -removed old link to Andrw0380's 10.12.1 / 10.12.2 beta files -updated link to Andrw0380's updated 10.12.4 files -updated thread title, now shows 10.8.5-10.13.x -removed images as they weren't loading anymore anyway DISCLAIMER: I can be in no way held responsible for any damage to your computer as a result of the information or files provided on this page. I can't be held responsible for the faults and errors of those who follow (or choose not to follow) my advise or instructions. You are on your own if you proceed. This was created with the assumption that anyone following it would be using the SAME machine model and hardware setup as mine, a HP ENVY 17t-j000 Quad. Using any other model or hardware configuration may work but is completely unsupported! This was never intended to be used as an installation guide and shouldn't be referenced as one. It is merely a place to list my testing results. Consider this your one and ONLY warning. Continue at your OWN RISK... WARNING: thread history follows: (cloned from post HERE) RehabMan has been hard at work and has created a much better, more reliable method for both current and possibly future OS X installs. His new method, named the "hotpatch" method is far superior to our old ones and should rightfully take its place. Following is a direct link to his detailed and extensive guide to assist both current and future users with their adventures in OS X. Should you find success using his method, please remember to say THANKS for his work and to possibly add to his growing repository to hopefully assist future users in their own success stories. If you are looking to try on the very bleeding edge, then this is where you want to be. RehabMan "hotpatch" guide README: The following files were created using very basic testing to ensure very basic functionality. I cannot possibly foresee or test for every possible setup scenario, so I don't even try to. There may be unforeseen problems or issues that I was unable to expect or resolve. Please try to keep this in mind should you decide to try them out. Hopefully, someone finds them useful. I cannot and do not speak for Andrw0308's specific support files. 10.14.x (Mojave) ENVY: 10.14.0_ENVY17_10142018.zip UPDATED: 10/14/2018 10.13.x (High Sierra) ENVY: 10.13.6_ENVY17_10192018.zip UPDATED: 10/19/2018 10.13.0 files generously provided by Andrw0380 HERE 10.12.x (Sierra) ENVY: 10.12.6_ENVY17_10192018.zip UPDATED: 10/19/2018 10.12.4 files generously provided by Andrw0380 HERE 10.11.x (El Capitan) ENVY: 10.11.6_ENVY17_10192018.zip UPDATED: 10/19/2018 10.11.0 files generously provided by Andrw0380 HERE 10.10.x (Yosemite) ENVY: 10.10.5_ENVY17_10192018.zip UPDATED: 10/19/2018 10.10.0 files generously provided by Andrw0380 HERE 10.10_ENVY_10262014.zip UPDATED: 10/26/2014 Dropbox Mirror 10.9.5 (Mavericks) ENVY: Dropbox Update UPDATED: 04/07/2015 10.9.5_ENVY_10262014.zip UPDATED: 10/26/2014 Dropbox Mirror 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) ENVY: Dropbox Update UPDATED: 04/07/2015 10.8.5_ENVY_08282014.zip UPDATED: 08/28/2014 Dropbox Mirror SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: [in no particular order] - CharlieSheen - bcc9 - RehabMan - mnfesq - toleda - Mieze - Micky1979 - artur_pt - TimeWalker75a - Slice - Andrw0380 - 59117108 - jerrywilborn - Cobra03 - hotKoffy - mnorthern - PikeRAlpha - nrjmadan REMINDER: An unbelievable amount of hard work, dedication and enormous amounts of time have gone into the making, testing and maintaining of the content for this post, this thread and the entire forum as a whole. Please do try to remember that SOMEONE has to make all this happen. Be sure to THANK those who deserve it. A little appreciation goes a long way. CONCLUSION: I truly can't believe how long this thread has survived and it is awe-inspiring to see how much further it has moved along since I last visited it. You are all just amazing and wonderful people for doing what you do. You all know who you are.
  2. aserigfx

    Hp envy 15

    Salve a tutti ben ritrovati. Oggi ho dovuto sostituire la batteria al mio laptop HP, per puro caso mi sono accorta che è previsto uno slot msata. Mi chiedevo: secondo voi potrei usarlo come disco per mac? E magari l'ssd come archivio. Consigli
  3. Hello everyone, After a lot of hussle making a ##### flash drive on a virtual machine, I tried to install ML ( downloaded from AppStore ) on my HP Envy 15 1190eo ( i7 720qm, ati mobility radeon 5830 ). First I had a problem which I passed using the "cpus=1 busratio=12". Then I had a problem with my usb. Which I solved using "-x" flag. I tried using USBBusFix=True, GraphicsEnabler=No, npci=0x3000, but same problem: I checked my bios settings, no ACPI settings, and also I only have 2 USB ports which I think are 3.0 LE: I checked in Windows and it seems I have ACPI enabled, if it matters (Under Device Manager it says "ACPI x64-based PC" Could this be because my 2 partitions are used by Windows? I dont plan to keep Windows, but need a working Operating System. Also, my laptop has no DVD-RW, and my Apple Superdrive is not working on this laptop ( heard it's limited only to original Apple pc's ). Thanks, George
  4. audifanatic518

    HP Envy 700-109c

    Hello, I recently purchased an HP Envy 700-109c and I'm curious about trying a Hackintosh install. I would have built the PC myself, but for the price ($599), I couldn't really beat this machine. Anyway, the motherboard concerns me a bit in regards to compatibility. I'd also like to upgrade the graphics card sometime in the near future, so I'm not sure if that'll be an issue (assuming I buy a compatible card). I'd appreciate any help!
  5. liamd99

    HP Envy 14-1150ed

    Hello everybody, I am trying to hackintosh my laptop using Clover, installing OS X 10.10.1 and Windows 8.1. I am using this guide to do so (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/303615-guide-install-windows-8-uefi-on-legacy-bios-with-clover-and-dual-boot-with-yosemite/). But the Windows installation wont boot, not using Rufus, nor using the copy-paste method in the guide. I just dont get it. Can someone please help me? Thanks. Liam (Attachment: Rufus settings: )
  6. Hello guys, I'm trying to install OS X El Capitan on my new HP Envy 17t m7-n101dx notebook. Before giving more details, I'd like to show you the configuration of this laptop: Intel i7-5500U processor 16GB RAM 1TB 5400rpm HDD that I will use for OS X (Windows will be installed on a 256GB SSD connected to the M.2 adapter; If OS X runs well I might consider installing it in the future on the SSD and use the HDD for Windows) Intel HD 5500 internal graphics, nVidia GeForce 940M 2GB 17.3 Full HD IPS touchscreen display Looking at those specs, in theory, I should be able to run OS X without any issues (I also made a hackintosh from my desktop in the past, so I have some ideas on how this process should be done). However, two weeks ago I tried to install El Capitan and I got some issues. I used my friend's MacBook to make a bootable installation using Clover. I got to the point where I could see the Apple logo and then an immediate crash (kernel panic issued by the HD 5500, after checking on some forums). I gave up when I read that I have to modify my BIOS for a custom DVMT allocation size and there is a possibility to kill my notebook's motherboard. I didn't knew what's the memory allocated for DVMT, so I booted Windows and saw that it is 128MB. When I did more research I found out that 128MB is fine for running this version of OS X, the laptops with 32MB allocation size have problems. Now, I would like to give this another try. Do you have an idea if I should use any patches or something? And can you explain to me why do I have problems with Intel HD 5500 and this DVMT allocation size when I have nVidia GeForce 940M? Thank you.
  7. aserigfx

    Help for hp envi 15

    HI,Some advice to install el capitan on this laptop ? HP ENVY 15-j022el cpu:intel 17-4700mq haswell 2.4ghz quad 8 threads ram: 16gb ddr3 chipset: hm 87 express gpu: hd 4600 , nvidia gt740m 2 gb audio: beats audio (IDT) this my first time on laptop http://support.hp.com/it-it/product/HP-ENVY-15-Notebook-PC-series/5354982/model/5404035/drivers Thanks in advance.
  8. Greywolfrio

    Yosemite Op Hp Envy T15 J051nr

    Is hier iemand die ervaring heeft met de install van Yosemite op een Hp Envy haswell laptop, het maken van eigen ssdt en sound en messenger, apple store, FaceTime, ect werkend heeft op deze laptop, installatie lukt perfect maar ik krijg niets werkend ondanks de vele uitleg op de Engelse forums. Ik heb Yosemite geïnstalleerd met de MacPwn distro intel haswell. Kan iemand mij verder helpen of doorverwijzen naar bruikbare info. Bedankt bij voorbaat.
  9. I have successfully installed MacOS 10.8.3 on an HP Envy 3D 2100 CTO laptop. I have an Intel i7 2860QM CPU (Sandy), and for graphics it is Intel HD3000 and ATI Radeon 6770m (Chipset is 6 series). Both GPUs are recognized by the mac (I can see them in System Information). However, the only graphics I see are on an external display connected via HDMI. During boot, I can see the verbose output of the bootloader on my internal display, but when Mac OS is fully booted the login screen only shows up on the external monitor. I've seen the EDID injection guide, but when I follow the steps the only EDID I get is that of my external monitor. When I boot windows and get EDID of internal display, then try to do the EDID injection again, it doesn't work (I don't have all the necessary numbers and ids to use for folder and file names). Has anybody seen this problem? More importantly, has anybody solved this problem? If you have any info or ideas, I would appreciate both. Also, I'm ready to give any detailed info or upload my dsdt/ioreg (or anything else). I'm pretty determined to fix this damn thing. Thanks in advance! EDIT: DSDT: http://www.mediafire.com/?ap7j2gykjlkdp7q IOReg: http://www.mediafire.com/?ko8ok7oteekeoal