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Vintage Mac Classic NAS


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Hey all - I just finished up my second vintage Mac project.  It's an 8-core Atom powered 48TB NAS inside a 1991 Mac Classic chassis.


Full worklog here:





Use a 40% hydrogen peroxide cream and sunlight to clear up yellowing caused by bromine contamination.




Ready for science




Test fitting an 8" 4:3 LCD display.  Requires a custom bezel to fill gaps.





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3D printing a custom bezel I designed in blender




Seems to fit.  I intentionally printed the prototype small just for fitment, so I wouldn't waste too much filament on trial and error. 




Then when I was satisfied with the fit, I went into blender, pushed the edges out and re-printed.




Final Bezel design, fitted to the front fascia



Display disassembled and fitted to the front fascia




My assistant, Genji






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New logic board - the Supermicro A2SDi-8C-HLN4F, and 32GB of RAM.




3D printed custom logic board mounts.  These took about 4 tries to get the design right.




I/O shield removal




Dremel carnage



New 3D-printed I/O shield.  The display is inside, and Supermicro doesn't make a mini ITX board like this with an internal LVDS connector, so I have to route the VGA cable back in.  It's not elegant, but it works.





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Power.  I wanted to retain the factory look from the outside, but no power supply has the switch and socket in the right place.  So I needed to remove these pieces from the factory power board, and re-route them to my PS.  I could have probably used a power cable with a 90 degree bend, but it was really tight and I didn't feel like tracking one down, so I modified the PS to pull the high voltage leads out and connect them to the factory rail.



Black arrows are the spots I needed to unsolder to get the rail out it didn't give up easy and after I got all the small joints out, I just took a butane torch to the board and pried the rail off.




That won't stop me.



Rail fitted with new wires.



PS modified with spade connectors for easy servicing


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The logic board came with passive cooling, and I was seriously considering some crazy duct work to a case fan, but I ended up having tons of space above the CPU for a fan, so I converted it to active cooling.  I didn't want to have to track down a cooler that would fit in the space, so I bought a ridiculously overpowered 60mm fan, and 3D printed my own clips to hold it down.  The process was... let's say iterative.  And at the last minute, I realized I'm an idiot and PLA has a glass transition temp of 60 degrees, so I re-printed the clips in ABS.





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Display ran on 12v DC and gets power from the internal power supply.  To make this happen, I needed to build a custom cable to plug into my psu.  I sacrificed one of the molex cables from another project.



LVDS mount location was later moved for clearance reasons.



The 3D printed drive cage was going to be the heart of this build, since it secured the PS, all the drives, the case fans, and the LVDS board.  It took 32 hours to print, but it came out pretty nice.  I designed it to fit a cable management arm, and a fan plate to push air through the drive bays. 






With the two 92mm fans, clearance is tight.  A cable arm will keep the SATA cables safe.






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SATA cables with cable arm installed




Cable routing




3D printed a plate that holds the 92mm noctua fans






The print came out a bit stringy, and my choice of mounting hardware doesn't help.  I'm not thrilled about how this looks and will probably redo it the next time I have the case open.




Shot from the back of the new LVDS board location




Some last minute testing before buttoning her up.



Completed and living happily with my case modded G4 in Akkala Ancient Tech Lab






Final parts list:

1x Vintage Mac Classic
1x Supermicro A2SDi-8C-HLN4F logic board
1x Rosewill PHOTON Series 750W
4x HGST Ultrastar HUH721212ALE600 12TB
2x Crucial 16GB 288-Pin DDR4-2400
2x Noctua NF-B9 redux-1600 PWM fan
1x Everflow 60mm Dual Ball Bearing PWM Fan
1x YWD-801 8” VGA 4:3 LCD display
1x Samsung 64GB FIT Plus USB Flash Drive
1x Spare power cord (for PS relocation)
2x momentary N/O SPST switch


Custom parts made:
1x display bezel (PLA)
1x rear I/O sheild (PLA)
1x 4-bay drive cage (PLA)
1x drive bay fan plate (PLA)
4x logic board mounts (PLA)
4x CPU fan clip (ABS)


Assortment of heat shrink tubing
Rosin core solder
Double-stick tape
Assortment of sheetmetal screws and nuts
About 1/2 roll of PLA
Some glue gun sticks


Time w/o design work: 20 hours
Time w/design work: 32 hours

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