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I was getting frustrated with the time it took to get to this forums search page and to query a search so i decided to make a search plugin for the forum which cuts my search time in half. This will add the ability to do a search on insanely mac forums right from the search box in your browser (firefox) skipping the forums search page.




download the zip archive


show hidden files (in folder options)

take the xml file and put in


"c:/documents and settings/(username)/Application data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/(your profile)/searchplugins"





Here is the new xml file with a corrected search url.



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I just fixed the url in the search plugin! It now shows the correct results. B4 it showed the same results no matter what you searched for. It is now fixed. Sorry about that, it was a stupid mistake.

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Heh. Bout time somebody did this. Thanks man!


Hmm, worthy of FPN mentioning if this gets approved by the Mozilla Foundation?

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To change the search engine in safari...


Safari has there "google" search hard coded in the app itself. It is possible to change, but the search url has to stay the same length as the original google one, or safari will not load. I have yet to find a way around that. The search url used for this forum is too long to actually put in there. I will keep working on it and if i find a way around i will be sure to post it for everyone.

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