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Just now, IDON-NO said:


Did you manage to fix fan speed noise which happen somtimes? 

Also does VirtualSMC.kexts show correct info about CPU , Fans , Battery ... etc with iStat menu ?


Fan speed noise? My fans rarely even ramp up to hear them. No, VirtualSMC cannot show Fans reading but everything else (read the guide properly). No, I do no use iStat, so I cannot really tell.

Just now, IDON-NO said:

I am using Bios v1.60 latest.

Fans sometimes under load make noise .. don't know why !! In windows everything is normal 

I've tried both OC and Clover . But I'm using Clover and FakeSMC.kext they works good with iStat menu


That's unusual, can you check that your CPU isnt being hammered by some process?

2 minutes ago, IDON-NO said:


I've managed to disable CPU Turbo boost by using VoltageShift. but this doesn't fix the fan issue . Also tried CPUFriendFriend SSDT with all Profiles 

Nothing help 

Any way it is not a big problem.  I am living with it for 2 years now 



I hope you fix it. This doesnt seem normal, I helped 2 people with P50s (both i7s) and never reported such problem. Make sure it's not something physical.

1 hour ago, IDON-NO said:


No it's not . 

Windows side works very well . 

My model is Xeon P530 4K workstation with Nvme SSD 


And Fans 99% of time is silent or works as usual. 

But when I start  an App like Photoshop , fan start with noise like Jet and then work normal 


Don't know why 

That's totally not ok, since I use PS and Autocad and Archicad all open at the same time and I never had this issue .

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On 4/12/2020 at 5:58 AM, IDON-NO said:

try this 

Place it inside (OC folder) beside Opencore.efi , delete the one which outside EFI


Im sorry that config is just messed up.


No proper cleaning of the config

Using EC ssdt when not needed. That's not how OC works.

24 minutes ago, IDON-NO said:

can you share your config.plist please ?

something is not clear or incomplete in your tutorial in GitHub

just share it for comparison 



Also do you use DSDT or NO ?



My guide on github is to follow the main *OpenCore Laptop Guide*, that one has everything, but then I added things that will need to be changed for our particular models. My guide does not (and will not) provide any config.plist/kexts because 1) you should make your own config, 2) kexts are updated every day, so no.


If you properly read my guide I'm not patching my DSDT statically, im patching it dynamically with OpenCore ACPI binpatch (read the documentation at the end of the guide, there are tons of links).

9 minutes ago, Rocdrew said:

Have followed the guide as best as i could. And when i run it into that sanity check website, it seems fine. Can you help on what am missing for it to boot..

Your config is a mess and the laptop guide didnt call for any of those. The sanity check is really not a good indicator (it just shows if things exist the way the guide says, but not how they should be for your exact situation). You're using uneeded kexts, you're using uneeded SSDT (the EC one, and I clearly stated in the guide not to use it), your ig-platform is wrongly put and so on... I dont expect it to boot. Please redo your setup again following the laptop guide with the modifications that my guide ask for. 

Just now, IDON-NO said:


I knew you won't share your config.plist 

But I don't understand one thing ; are you using DSDT ? Or only SSDT ? 

I have same model as you exactly.

When following your steps I have KP 


1) your computer has its own dsdt, I dont like patching the dsdt statically because of bios/uefi updates, im doing it dynamically with binpatch + ssdts.

2) that's a vague answer, show the kernel panic log.

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Great guide thanks for taking the time to make.


Huge learning curve for me but making progress.

Most things working but Tap/Click on trackpad has never worked, two and three fingers is fine

Trackpad not in System preferences.

Can you point me in the right direction? I have not yet mapped the USB ports, might that be related???? Audio not working either, Bluetooth working


Any help would be great


4 hours ago, DKayB said:

Most things working but Tap/Click on trackpad has never worked, two and three fingers is fine

Trackpad not in System preferences.

Make sure your battery patch is working, then the trackpad in system preferences will work, make sure you're using VoodooRMI not VoodooPS2Trackpad (disable VoodooPS2Mouse and VoodooPS2Trackpad from the configuration), also remember that the next release of VoodooPS2 will introduce brightness control natively, so no more SSDT-KDB required (i dont remember how it's named). Good Luck! 

23 hours ago, DKayB said:

Thanks for the fast reply!

Not got the battery patch working yet so I will give it a try and let you know.

Beginning to understand config list better, taken a while, old dog and new tricks!



Spent a few hours trying to patch battery, basically copied your patches into my config.plist under ACPI, set all to true.

No difference :( 

Read some guides but they are way over my head :rofl: 

Any suggestions please.


It's working so well otherwise, which makes it sooooo frustrating



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Tried to patch battery without success, this is what I did, can you tell me where Im going wrong???

  1. Added SMCBatteryManager.kext
  2. Removed any reference to VoodooPS2Mouse and VoodooPS2Trackpad in config I could find.
  3. Copied the compiled .amls from your repo to my OC/ACPI folder, did 'snapshot' in ProperTree to reflect changes, saved, reboot. Still no battery meter.
  4. Opened your oc-additions.plist and copied SSDT-BAXX patch section to my config.plist under ACPI/patch (no sure if the order of patches mattered or if there are other changes needed) set all to 'true' (later tried changing to some to 'false') saved, reboot. No change
  5. Opened my the DSDT of my machine in MaciASL (dont really understand why I need mine???) also opened  SSDT-BAXX inMaciASL
  6. In SSDT-BAXX changed _WAK,1,N to XXAK (I only changed _WAK, did nothing to 1 or N) same with the others, saved, (should I have pressed 'patch' in MaciASL?) replaced in OC, Snapshot in ProperTree.


Also when lid is closed and light has started blinking all is OK but sometimes the fan starts, other times not.


I'm obviously missing something




Finally got everything working! Thanks again for taking the time to make the guide. Took me a while and leaned a lot along the way but worth it in the end. Config.plist still a little bit of a mess, but doing the job. 

Added itlwm kext WiFi which seems to work with Heliport, speeds not great but fine for basic stuff.


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