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ALC285 codec on x1 yoga 2018


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Hi everyone !

I have a laptop thinkpad x1 yoga 2018 , the sound device is realtek alc285.

My friend and I spend numerous time on patching its layout-id , however either the headphone jack or laptop audio recording have noises.

Any help is appreciated , thank you !!!


HdaCodec#0 (Realtek ALC285).bin

HdaCodec#0 (Realtek ALC285).txt

HdaCodec#1 (Realtek ALC285).bin

HdaCodec#1 (Realtek ALC285).bin.cpgz

HdaCodec#1 (Realtek ALC285).txt

HdaCodec#2 (Intel Kaby Lake HDMI).bin

HdaCodec#2 (Intel Kaby Lake HDMI).txt

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