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Found 193 results

  1. KX AUDIO DRIVER MOD Hi guys i am a small developer, i really like to use my sound blaster cards on my machines and i love also coding, so when i find the source code for the kx audio driver on git hub and then Eugene, the creator of kx audio driver decided to no longer maintain the project, i decided to start working on a mod of this driver. With my mod, created starting from the sources of the last version of kx audio driver, and also by using apple developer documentation for pci and audio drivers as reference, i am working to achieve 2 things mainly: get all the cards supported by the driver to work with all the recent versions os macOS and add support for other cards that are not officially supported by the driver that works or could, but needs to be more properly supported. This driver is made to support cards based on the E-mu 10k1, 10k2 and similars (like what is used by audigy rx and audigy 4 cards). Supported cards are: - most of the sound blaster live!, live! 5.1 and live! 5.1 digital series - sound blaster 512 - sound blaster 256 - other creative and e-mu sound cards based on the 10k1 chip (cards with the ES1370/ES1371/ES1372/ES1373 chips are not supported) - sound blaster Audigy series (1 st gen) - sound blaster Audigy 2 and audigy 2 zs series - E-MU cards based on the 10k2 sound chip - Some Audigy 4 cards (SB0610 only) and the audigy 4 pro - Sound blaster Audigy RX (sb0155) - other creative and e-mu cards based on the (10k2, 10k2,5 and CA10300 based cards) NOT supported cards: - Any ISA Sound card - ES1370/ES1371/ES1372/ES1373 based sound cards - CMI8738/CMI8788 based cards - Any CA0106 based card and cards with similar architectures (like sound blaster live! 24 bit, sound blaster audigy SE SB0570, audigy LS and similars, but audigy SA is supported) - Any sound blaster x-fi (some of them works on macOS using a modified version of voodoo hda) - Any sound blaster recon3D - Any sound blaster Z/ZS/ZX and similar series - Any sound blaster AE5 series In the time being the things i have modded or added with this mod are: - increased the simple buffer frames number with different values for emu10k1 based cards and emu10k2 based cards (including recent audigy 4 and rx) to reduce and all the audio cracking issues and possibly fixing all of them on a lot of cards - added a more proper support for the pci express sound blaster audigy rx (which basically is an audigy 4 with a pcie bridge chip) - added more fancy names for the cards in the settings and other menus (so the name will be, for example, SB live! 5.1 SB0060 instead of kx SB0060 [e880] witch was shown in the original driver) - added support to sample rate changing and added lots of sample rates (from 8 khz to 176,4 khz) to accomodate any possible usecase (note that 10k1 sound cards are limited up to 48khz sample rate, and 10k2 based cards are limited to 176,4 khz because of issues getting 192 khz to work, for now the driver goes up to 176,4 khz for such cards) - added boot args to manage the driver: Boot args to use with the kx audio driver mod: -kx_disable or -kxdisable or -kxoff This will prevent the driver from doing any initialization work, so the driver is basically disabled, use it to boot your ssytem in case the driver is giving you issues and kernel panics while you are trying to boot/using your system, so you are able to remove this driver or replace it with another version of it or to do some truble shooting. -kx_debug or -kxdebug or -kxspec Will show more debug info about the card, mainly the i/o port address and the kind of bus that it uses -kx_exp_deb or -kx_beta or -kxbeta Will enable experimental and probably not working or unstable features like showing inputs for the card or 192 khz sampling rate, use it only for testing and debug purposes, this may likely cause instability and problems in the everyday usage! Use it at your own risk! -kx_original or -kxoriginal This will basically turn off almost all the mods of this mod, so the driver will come to work as it was before modding it, this can be usefoul as a "safe mode" like feture to have a working driver in case of problems with features of the mod, so using this means no crsking issues improvements, only 48 khz sample rate and only features of the non-modded kx audio driver for mac os x - created a script file to use with the driver for installing the driver and also to load/unload, update, repolace it and it's libraries. What i'd like to implement but i don't know how to do: - I'd like mainly to add a more proper support to the pci bridge chip of the audigy rx, - have audio inputs working, - fix the support when using more than one card, to get all the cards shown in the settings and other menus, - have the gameport/midi port of older cards to be used in mac os as a midi in/out If other developers would like to join and help me, you can, and also an hand from other people with testing and feedback will be nice. link for the kext only (if you have clover put it in [your clover efi folder]/clover/kexts/[your macOS version]/ so it will not be deleted when updating macOS): - download from the downloads section: kX Audio Driver Mod by ITzTravelInTime 1.01 - external download: https://dl.dropboxus...Driver.kext.zip link for the installer pack (the best way to install it, but you have to reinstall it when you upgrade macOS, remeber to fix kext permitions and rebuild the kernelcache if you want to remove the kext from it's install directory without using the unistall feature of the provvided script): - download: https://dl.dropboxus...aller pack.zip Source code from Git Hub: - github repo: https://github.com/ITzTravelInTime/kx-audio-driver NOTE: Some system because of some problems with the HPET may need to use FixHPET in clover and to install the kext in /System/Library/Extensions or to do other kind of hpet mods to run the driver properly, but only on some systems, most systems should not require it
  2. lestercamp234

    Non sento niente su High Sierra 10.12.16

    Ho da poco installato High Sierra sul mio computer, ma da subito ho notato che non si sente niente. Ho Realtek ALC887. Come faccio a sistemare?
  3. Salve a tutti, ho un problema con l'audio. Ovvero non riconosce le giuste porte audio e manca anche l'audio tramite DP tramite GPU. Allego la cartella EFI nel caso vorreste dare uno sguardo. Config: GigaByte Z370P D3 I5 8400 Ram corsair vengeance LPX 16gb 3000MHz Nvidia 1050ti Grazie in anticipo! P.S. Se serve ioreg posto https://www.mediafire.com/file/0hmpnp6x1f6u26p/EFI.zip/file
  4. Hi, I need help to fix my HDMI output on my Acer Aspire F5 573G with Intel HD 520. This is the situation, and it is unstable: When I connect my HDMI cable the internal monitor of the notebook gets black but the secondary monitor works. To get also the internal notebook monitor working I have to close the notebook for like 5-6 seconds and then open it up, and also the secondary monitor works. So I would like to fix this and get both monitor always working when HDMI cable is connected. I noticed that if I keep the notebook closed, the secondary monitor works in 4K resolution (while if the notebook is open, even with 4k resolution selected the secondary monitor is 1080p), so the secondary monitor works in 4k only if the notebook is closed. And I would like to fix this too. Audio over HDMI is not working and I would like to fix this too. I'm attaching useful report files as EFI and others. Thanks, Andyapple Problem Files Report.zip
  5. osx10.14 i5-4250u i have added "irq hdef hdau mutex osys10" patch and install acpibettery on clover ,but the battery management still donot work my audio card is alc269vc ,i try to use applealc,and tried all the layoutid, all of those colud not work. 2019-03-31 20:18:23.389590+0800 localhost kernel[0]: (kernel) AppleALC: alc @ failed to find IOHDACodecVendorID, retrying 0 i have also use linux to find the codec i uploaded the clover , dsdt,codec. This problem has been bothering me for two days. thanks all.zip 2019-03-31 20:18:17.997435+0800 localhost kernel[0]: calling mpo_policy_init for Lilu 2019-03-31 20:18:18.003796+0800 localhost kernel[0]: Security policy loaded: Lilu Kernel Extension 1.3.5 (Lilu) 2019-03-31 20:18:23.389590+0800 localhost kernel[0]: (kernel) AppleALC: alc @ failed to find IOHDACodecVendorID, retrying 0 2019-03-31 20:18:23.398483+0800 localhost kernel[0]: (kernel) Lilu: patcher @ lookup patching applied only 0 patches out of 1
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my sound after waking from sleep. While the outputs show up, the sound doesn't actually come out. In addition, pressing the volume up/down keys is laggy. My chipset is the realtek alc889 and my mobo is: EVGA 121-BL-E756-TR I have a custom patched DSDT in which I have changed my AZAL Device to HDEF and have installed a patched AppleHDA.kext (no HDA Enabler, just AppleHDA.kext). Anyway, looking in my console I have a lot of Sound Assertion Errors. Does anyone have any solutions?
  7. Hi, This is my first post so welcome everybody. I have a problem with audio internal speakers sound in laptop ASUS G551JX-CN088H. As i read it needs ALC668 codec(DPCIManager doesn't show me this;(), so i've downloaded and installed AppleHDA-272.18.1-ALC668 and HDAEnabler3.kext from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298663-applehda-for-yosemite/ After that sound is working only with headphones. When i pull out headphones's jack, audio changes to "internal speakers" and all controlrs works fine but no sound from speakers ;( This is dual boot installation(El Capitan GM candidate + WIN10 on the same SSD disk) and audio works fine in WIN10(so it's not hardware problem). I've checked Yosemite 10.10.5 and the same problem only with internal speakers, so it's not a problem with El Capitano beta version. Can you help my with this ? I've tried many other codecs and Voodoo solution without success.
  8. EnzoDC

    problema firewire/audio

    Salve ragazzi, ho grandissimo problema, l'hackintosh lo uso per lavoro e uso principalmente logic e la mia scheda audio firewire (una motu8pre), ma stasera quando ho installato il software della scheda audio, vado ad aprire itunes per verificare se è tutto ok e ho notato che mi glitcha quando la scheda riproduce qualsiasi tipo di suono. cosa potrebbe essere??? voglio tener presente che ho un'altra partizione con lion e logic x e sia la scheda audio che la firewire funzionano alla perfezione! grazie in anticipo!!!!!!
  9. I am new to this forum and mac osx.... but just wanted to share info. vmware workstation on windows: config(host pc): core i5, 4gb ram, win 7 64 bit mountain lion audio is lagging, choppy....(clicking sound more in bass frequencies) tried everything ensonique etc.. nothing worked.... Tried on another laptop: dell inspiron 15 core i3 4th gen 4010u 1.7ghz, 4gb ram(expanding to 8 gb), haswell series, running ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit(Legacy mode.. NOT UEFI), vmware workstation 10, osx ML vmware image used... 150 gb, 3 gb ram, running under vmware 8.x compatibility(otherwise keyboard does not work), installed vmware tools(1366x768) but only 32 mb but graphics is just ok. installed ensonique driver... edited the vmx file. device is "hdaudio" not "es1371" , surprisingly worked in both modes. Guess es1371 uses virtual device hence the lag due to timing issues. filename changed to "front: card=PCH,DEV=0" taken output from the command aplay -L. Now audio is clean vlc tested all bit rates. going to try Logic Pro X finally...
  10. Salve a tutti. Ho eseguito l'installazione con successo di Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (retail+combo update). I vari kext che ho usato sono elencati nel mio precedente topic: http://www.insanelym...-aspire-5740g/. Oggi ho installato voodoohda 2.8.2 da qui: http://www.osx86.net...installer.html. Tutto sembra funzionare bene (mi viene rilevata anche l'HDMI... anche se non funziona) però il microfono interno non ne vuole sapere di funzionare (prima, con il voodoohda 2.7.4, funzionava perfettamente). Qualche idea su come risolvere? Le specifiche del mio pc le trovate in firma. Come bootloader uso clover. Grazie anticipatamente. -Claudio
  11. I have ASUS S400CA ultra book dual booting windows 8 and ML10.8.5. I have latest voodoohda.kext 2.8.4. But I don't hear any sound. Further system report shows existence of camera(Asus usb2.0 webcam) and also when I start FaceTime, light ear webcam glows. But no video. I am very new to mac. How to get video and sound?
  12. Hey guys, so i've managed to install Both Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit on the same HDD in MBR Mode. The Mountain Lion install was a vanilla one. Downloaded the DMG file, Made some changes to it so that it can install to MBR, and installd Chamelion Boot Loader to the same USB. First installed Mountain Lion and then Windows 7, everything went smoothly as i expected. The Main problems im facing in Mountain Lion are Audio and the boot loader. Problem 1 :- Audio is not working even after installing Realtek Kext and Voodoo Kext through M-beast and otherways. I dont have speakers, i only use a headphone. Anyway, the audio is not working and no sound output devices detected. Problem 2 :-I've installed chamelion bootloader, updated it, and also installed a theme through chamelion wizard. The thing is that, i am able to boot from HDD, but its not showing the theme, just the plane text, where we select OS with Arrows. Problem 3 :- The apple logo on bootup is stretched and not full screen, though i have selected 1080p resolution in both M-beast and Chamelion Wizard. Problem 4 :- Sometimes Mountain Lion freezes and i should restart the whole system. Random Freezes while doing actions, like opening folder or launching something from dock. I' dont know if my Graphics Card ( Asus GTX 560) is working good with OS X, but so far so good. Can someone please tell me how can i check if my card is working with OSX.? Also my card is Shown in About this Mac. Extra info :- I've installed my own dsdt (from dsdteditor) through M-beast. Sleep Not working, Restart and Shutdown is Working. Is there anything else should i install to make the system stable..? Please answer my questions, mainly about sound prob and Boot theme prob. Thanks a Bunch !
  13. Hackintosher1

    Control Volume with Keyboard?

    Hi I made this topic to get help on controlling volume with the internal keyboard. The slider at top right on menu bar works and audio works with patched AppleHDA. But seems like somethings missing.. I think I need to assign the keys to volume up/volume down. The closest I can get is by enabling accessibility settings to enable on-screen control - still not able to adjust with keyboard. These controls appear: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bis3qa2ro1goyfd/Skjermbilde%202014-07-15%20kl.%2001.11.08.png?m= The kext Im using for keyboard is Rehabman's VoodooPS2Controller.kext
  14. Installed Yosemite vanilla using chameleon on my rig...specs are in my signature I have tried installing VoodooHDA 2.8.2, unfortunately that didn't work. Then I tried patched appleHDA for alc665 from mackintosh Vietnam tool... didn't work.. I haven't find any DSDT patch for audio. Here's my System report for audio and IOReg. Am I missing something in DSDT or any kext or boot flag? EDIT 1: Tried http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/24-applehda-for-alc665/ PATCH It didnt work. EDIT 2 : Switched to Clover. Patched DSDT, Installed the kexts. Voila.. It worked Subwoofer aint working though but fix that soon. Thanks to @The_Village_Idiot, @apianti I will make a list of working/non working soon.
  15. Hello I'm having audio issues with my Dell Vostro 2520's microphone with VoodooHDA The internal microphone isn't detected, yet the microphone audio port is detected, and works. According to Windows and Dell, my laptop has the Cirrus Logic CS4213 codec in it, so if that's important, there it is. I am on Mavericks 10.9.5, since that works the best on this laptop, but would be open to try newer versions if things work well enough. I can provide my DSDT if needed.
  16. Hi All! I have "no audio" problem! I have Asus P5N-E SLI mobo where audio is Realtek ALC883. Everything else is working like charm (with little fight) but no audio... Weird thing is that in System Information recognize audio (in some cases even all plugs ie.audio out. microfone, SPIFD etc..) but in Control Panel -> Sound there is no output/input devices. In BIOS audio is enabled and front panel option is AC97 (second is HDAudio). I don't have DSDT.aml and I have no idea how to make one. If anyone have any idea what to do, I would love to heard it! Using iAtkos L1 distro.
  17. Hi my config is this: Processor 3,40 gigahertz Intel Core i7-2600K 256 kilobyte primary memory cache 1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache 8192 kilobyte tertiary memory cache 64-bit ready Multi-core (4 total) Hyper-threaded (8 total) Controllers Controller AHCI SATA standard Display NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti [Display adapter] Samsung S24E391 [Monitor] (23,4"vis, s/n 808792112, maggio 2015) Audio Realteck ALC 892 Main Board Board: P67A-G45 (MS-7673) 2.0 Bus Clock: 100 megahertz UEFI: American Megatrends Inc. V1.17 01/13/2012 Memory Modules 8164 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory Slot 'A1_DIMM0' has 4096 MB (serial number 7406C40C) Slot 'A1_DIMM1' is Empty Slot 'A1_DIMM2' has 4096 MB (serial number 7306CF0C) Slot 'A1_DIMM3' is Empty Installed Clover (latest) Legacy Now After some effords, I've been installed El capitan, but audio not works! No way with: Voodo hd 2.8.8-V2 and V3, with clover patch ecc, any Idea I dunno how solve the problems thanks
  18. Hello, I have followed the tutorials on this forum and I have successfully insatlled OS X Lion (10.7.5) on my AMD PC. Here is my PC Configuration. MoBo - MSI 785GM-E51 Processor - AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition Graphics - Asus GeForce 560 Ti Direct Cu II Audio - ALC889 Ram - Kingston (4x2) 8 GB Bootloader - Chameleon v2.2 rev 2263 I am running on Bronzovka 10.7.5 Kernel RC 13 I have tried all the possible solutions in this forum but I am unable to get sound output. I even tried using VoodooHDA Loader but it shows Digital Out in the output devices but still not sound output. Please Help... P.S: I am attaching my DSDT file if it is of any help.dsdt.aml.zip
  19. Salve a tutti, sono riuscito a installare osx in varie versioni su varie macchine, ultimamente una configurazione di Lion stabile su di un hp dv6 tramite metodo iAtkos. Per motivi di aggiornamento professionale ho acquistato i componenti che ho in firm, e volevo realizzare un bel sistema hackintosh da portarmi dietro quando suono live (in un rack, che quando avrò completato sarò ben lieto di mostrarvi ). I miei requisiti sono dunque estrema stabilità e velocità nell'esecuzione dei programmi. Per questo motivo ho pensato di non utilizzare più distribuzioni ma di mantenere il software più originale possibile e senza modifiche di sorta. Per quanto riguarda l'hardware credo che sia tutto compatibile (purtroppo non sono riuscito ad acquistare una gigabyte up5th, che sicuramente mi dava meno problemi) però volevo sapere se per l'installazione con metodo pandora potrei riscontrare dei problemi, in particolare riguardo alla scheda video. Per finire volevo capire un po' come funzionava la storia delle tabelle dsdt. Vorrei sfruttare al 100% il potenziale dell'hardware, senza ricorrere a compromessi. Quale smbios mi conviene usare per l'installazione, e quali modifiche dovrò fare in post? Le modifiche al dsdt sono necessarie allo scopo o riguardano solo l'efficienza energetica? Ah, dimenticavo di dire la versione da installare, so che Mavericks non è molto stabile con alcuni programmi audio, dunque avevo pensato di fermarmi ad una consolidata 10.8 Grazie mille!
  20. Hello there, I currently have Mac OS X (10.7 Mountain Lion) running under VMWare Workstation 8 on Windows 7. I have 16GB of RAM and I dedicated 4 to MacOS X At first I wasn't very happy with the video performance. But after getting some SVGA II drivers here at Insanely Mac, I reckon the video performance is alright considering is a Virtual Machine. What I am looking for is a VM that would give me a fair 2D and at least some general audio playback capability (something tells me running Logic Pro under a VM would never be a good idea). I can't stop but wonder whether VirtualBox would be better than VMWare, mainly because with virtual box there aren't any hacks I must do in the virtualization software to run Mac OS X. I mean, with VMware I had to "unlock" Mac OS X as a guest OS option. Plus, perhaps I am wrong but I believe that it would also be easier to get audio and video? working at a better performance, since I reckon that Oracle thelselves would be working to provide decent drivers for Mac OS X under Virtual Box. Before I venture into trying to run Mac OS X under VirtualBox just for the sake of comparison (and risking wasting some precious time when I could be doing something more productive, like playing The Witcher 2 or diablo 3 ) I would rather "hear" what the community here has to say. What do you guys reckon? Also I never ran ######. on my Mac OS X VM as I thought this is only really necessary in "physical" (as in non-VMs) Mac OS X installs. But I have a feeling that I might be terribly wrong Any suggestions / recommendations are greatly appreciated. I am a total "noob" in the hackintosh scene. So my appologies in advance Cheers! P.
  21. Dear all, I just got my hackintosh (mac os x snow leopard) running with VMware on my windows 7 laptop (Dell Vostro 3700, intel core i7). However, I am unable to get the audio to work. I have the NVIDIA High Definition Audio. Has anyone been able to get their audio working on their hackintosh? I've searched for drivers on google, but had no luck.. I'm a newbie to mac and was wondering if there is a way to have the mac scan for new hardware similar to windows using the device manager? Thanks in advance!
  22. Title says it all. I have an R9 390 working great on Sierra thanks to cyberdevs on this forum. That being said, I still have no audio and have "No Audio devices" in settings and system report. I'm running a displayport cable from the R9 390 to my monitor, an XR341CK, and was hoping to get audio from the built-in speakers. Anyone have any ideas? I've already tried installing the RealtecALC.kext for the ALC887 codec in S/L/E. Running this via onboard audio on my ASUS B150M-A mobo. Thank you in advanced - lord knows this forum has saved me from plenty of headaches.
  23. Buenas a todos/as! Soy nuevo en el foro, este es mi primer tema. Hace una semana pude hacer upgrade de hardware y eso me dio pie para armarme mi primera Hackintosh! Paso antes que nada a describirles mi Hard: CPU: i5 4690k MB: Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 3 (BIOS F7) RAM: Kingston 10GB DDR3 1333 HD: Western Digital 320gb VGA: Nvidia GTX 970 OC 4GB PSU: Coolermaster GX 750 Como se imaginaran al ser mi primera vez, no tengo idea de comandos, ni kexts, etc etc... Sin embargo logre llegar a instalar OSX El Capitan 10.11.5 casi completamente. Me guie por varios tutoriales. La configuración de hard, la elegí en base a las guías de Tony, y el tutoríal de instalación del canal Cat&Andrew, ese video puntualmente. Solo que yo NO use la opción Inject Nvidia, ni tampoco instale el SMBios, después les explico donde lo instale. Después de instalar el OSX, vi por foros que para instalar el driver de mi gtx970, debía descargar el web driver para 10.11.5, apagar la pc, sacar la placa de video, instalar al driver sin la placa y cuando lo instale, recién apague la pc, conectar la placa de video y recién ahí arrancar el sistema. Hice "EXACTAMENTE ESO". Al momento de iniciar, terminaba de cargar el logo de apple y se reiniciaba la pc, y así indefinidamente, le puse el bootflag nv_disable=1 y ahí entro y la reconocia a la placa todo bien, entonces ahí instalo el SMBios "iMac (15,1) - i7-4790k (27 inch Retina)" este ultimo lo hizo ya con clover desde el archivo "config.plist" que esta dentro de la partición EFI al montarla con clover, guardo los cambios, reinicio y ahí ya entraba con la gtx970 a full jajaja, después de eso vi que decían que era mas compatible el SMBios "iMac (14,2) - i5-4670/i7-4771 (Hashwell)" así que instale ese, reinicie y entro sin problemas así que lo deje ahí nomas ya. En fin, después de instalar todo esto me doy cuenta que no tengo audio, pero yo SI había instalado con El .######., mi driver de audio que es el "ALC1150", sin embargo no tenia audio ni me aparecía en Preferencias de Sistema para cambiar el dispositivo de salida. Desde ahí comenze a buscar como instalar el driver de audio, y encontré estos archivos: corri "audio_codecdetect_v1.6-3.command" y me decía que no detectaba dispositivos de sonido, que revise si estaba instalado y habilitado en la Bios, y eso esta todo OK, después intente instalar por Clover (montando la partición EFI) "audio_cloverALC-110_v1.0r10.command" pero me da error y comienza a decirme "entry does not exist" infinitamente sin hacer nada mas. Y por ultimo instale "audio_realtekALC-110_v1.0o1.command" sin abrir Clover, ni montar la partición EFI, y después copie dentro de la carpeta EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/10.11, los archivos que se descomprimen al instalar el "audio_realtekALC-110_v1.0o1.command" que se llaman: "AppleHDA-orig.kext" y "AppleHDA.kext" Sin resultado positivo todavía.. Y ya hoy a la mañana encontré la Guía del amigo Trapezita (nose como etiquetarlo jajaja)... Pero tampoco pude solucionarlo Ya para terminar, como no podia solucionar el tema del audio, me pase a ver como podía cambiar la resolución de mi monitor (TV LCD 32" Full HD) que lo tengo conectado por cable VGA y me daba como máximo una resolución de 1600x1200 y no podía ponerlo a 1920x1080. Sin instalar nada le conecte un cable HDMI y ahí si podía cambiar la resolución a 1080p, pero se veía muy feo, estaba a 1080p con un refresco de 60 hercios pero se veía como si tuviera una refresco de 25 hercios, todo saturado y como con dientes de sierra en todas las lineas. Este problema ya lo tenia en Windows, probé con otros cables HDMI, cambiando drivers y nada... al final lo solucione usando el cable VGA, por eso hizo lo mismo en OSX... Entonces buscando encontre la app SwitchResX4, que es de pago, pero baje la versión de prueba y con eso pude cambiar a 1080p por cable VGA, pero después de eso tengo el problema que cada vez que enciendo la pc o reinicio para hacer efectivo el cambio de la instalación de alguna app del AppStore por ejemplo, la pc cuando termina la carga del logo se reinicia, y así 2, 3 o hasta 4 veces máximo. y ahí entra al sistema pero mostrándome un aviso de que el sistema se apago por un problema . Suponiendo que SwitchResX4 era el problema lo borre de la carpeta de descargas y del escritorio, porque no se instalo, sino que se ejecuto y abrio una carpeta en el escritorio con una app que decía SwitchResX4 Panel... Eso es lo que borre, pero después de borrarlo, sigo con el mismo problema al iniciar la pc, pero la pc quedo en 1920x1080 a pesar de que en preferencias del sistema, en el apartado de pantalla, no me aparece la resolución para 1080p, y como titulo de la ventana dice así: IMAGEN Bueno eso seria todo jajaja... Perdón por ser muy extenso pero, no entiendo mucho del tema y para ser lo mas claro posible lo hago así. Espero puedan ayudarme desde ya muchas gracias!
  24. Estimados desde ya muchas gracias por cualquier aporte que puedan hacerme para intentar solucionar en este caso el AUDIO HDMI y si fuera posible las frontales de micrófono y auriculares. Tengo corriendo Mac OS Sierra 10.12 en una ZOTAC NANO ID61 y va muy bien en el desempeño general y los gráficos aunque el video algo ralentizado. La instalación inicialmente arrancó (siempre en SAFE MODE y hasta ahora mismo, de otra forma queda en la manzana eterna) sin red (el bluetooth funciona perfecto) y sin audio. Em el caso de la red pude hacer funcionar la ethernet con la kext RealtekRTL8111.kext pero no directamente sino a través del paquete HoRNDIS-rel8.pkg. Para el caso del wifi el DPCIManager me muestra Centrino Wireless-N 130 integrada que no he podido hacer funcionar pero no es prioridad ahora mismo puesto que tengo red. Los datos de manual y algo mas son: ZOTAC ZBOX nano ID61 Bios • American Megatrends - Core Versión - UEFI 2,1 Chipset • Intel HM65 Onboard CPU • Intel ® Celeron ® CPU 867 @1,30GHz Onboard graphics • Intel HD Graphics Family • HDMI & DP output Memory • 8 GB SO-DIMMs DDR3-1333 Storage • SATA 320 Gb Network • Gigabit (10/100/1000Mbps) LAN • IEEE 802.3 compatible WiFi/Bluetooth support • Compliant with IEEE802.11b/g/n standard • High speed wireless connection up to 150 Mbps • Fully qualited Bluetooth v3.0 Audio • 2-channel high-definition audio • Jack-sensing compatible • Optical SPDIF Operating System support • 32-bit and 64-bit support IR receiver • Support carrier frequencies 36k Hz NOTA: En la Bios / Chipset /OnBoard Device Configuration, hay un item AZALIA con un sub item AZALIA INTERNAL HDMI CODEC que probé habilitado y desabilitado. Si lo desabilito desaparece en el DPCIManager. Habilitado aparece pero no el Codec ID. * Por otro lado hay un item de la Bios /Advanced que es Sandybridge PPM Configuration que por default esta todo habilitado. La guía que use en el intento de hacerlo funcionar: https://github.com/toleda/audio_CloverHDMI/blob/master/README.md Al ejecutar audio_cloverALC-120.command La terminal muestra: Last login: Wed Aug 16 04:05:36 on ttys000 Mac-mini-de-umac:~ umac$ /Users/umac/Downloads/audio_cloverHDMI-120_v1.0d.command ; exit; Agreement The audio_cloverHDMI script is for personal use only. Do not distribute the patch, any or all of the files for any reason without permission. The audio_cloverHDMI script is provided as is and without any warranty. File: audio_cloverHDMI-120.command_v1.0d Release Mode EFI partition is mounted No audio codec detected No system files were changed To save a Copy of this Terminal session: Terminal/Shell/Export Text As ... logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed. [Proceso completado] ------ Con MACIAsl agregue algunos repositorios de Toleda (audio hdmi hd 3000, zotac), pero no pude en ningun caso aplicar patches. No se si he sido extenso en la descripción o me falta algun dato importante, disculpas por ello. Adjunto: Reporte DarwinDumper config.plist DPCIManager (pantalla) DSDT.aml IORegistryExplorer (pantalla) Informe de Sistema (algunas pantallas) Saludos y gracias desde ya. config.plist.zipDarwinDumper_3.0.3_15.08_23.42.15_Macmini5,1_Clover_X64_4063_Sierra_16A323_umac.zipDSDT.aml.zip
  25. habhab501

    PCIE X-Fi Creative

    hi, can this card run on 10.9.5? creative x-fi titanium HD AudioDevice.tiff AudioVendorDevice.tiff thanks,