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Choosing Card for Mavericks and Mojave

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The reason of this strange topic's title is that i need to use 2 different system.

Maverics - for music soft

Mojave - for daily use.


Now i have Asus 750Ti, it's works perfect in Sierra and High Sierra. But not in Mojave.


Could you please give me advice about what i can find in shop now for working OOB in this case.


Thank you.

Asus 750Ti is a Maxwell card. Anything post-Kepler requires the nVidia Web Driver (lack of Apple driver oblige...) which has not been (and will not be) released for Mojave. Your best option is to opt for a card of the Kepler generation since those are normally supported OOB in Mojave and in Mavericks too.


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Yes, there are always exceptions... :P GTX 780 appears reported to work OOB whilst the GTX 780Ti appears to require the Web driver indeed.


This being said, the above are lists of Kepler cards and, of course, one ought to double check compatibility with target OS before buying. Entry-level Kepler 2.0 models such as GT710/GT720/GT730 certainly work OOB up to current Mojave.

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On 5/30/2019 at 11:10 AM, Hervé said:

Entry-level Kepler 2.0 models such as GT710/GT720/GT730 certainly work OOB up to current Mojave.

Not sure


You can find here GT730 is Fermi which will not work in Mojave

GeForce GT 730	GF108	Jun 18th, 2014	PCIe 2.0 x16	1024 MB, DDR3, 128 bit	700 MHz	900 MHz	96 / 16 / 4


And you could have even said the same about the GT710.



It a "greatness" of nVidia to occasionally use the same name for cards built on different generation go GPUs... <_<


But I believe I did say "Kepler models" and GT710 or GT730 cards on sale a "new" should all Kepler these days. If in doubts, it should be fairly easy to check on the card itself. This being said, assuming OP would look for a higher performance card to match his 750Ti, he'll probably look for a high-end GT6xx of some sort.

https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/?mfgr=NVIDIA&amp;generation=GeForce 600&amp;architecture=Kepler&amp;sort=generation


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Guest millusions

all the cards i've used GT 650 was the smoothest.

so far.


like 20$ on ebay used


i think you'll pay more for a crappy 710 etc.

different specs on the low end cards dont really make any difference imho

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