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  1. 3. Boot with the relevant Mavericks kernel pre-pached for Haswell platforms; they're available here if required. no success. in this case this debug. debug.log.zip
  2. I just followed the tutorial of KGP. He wrote that you need to change in plist for Haswell. So, i thought it is enough. In first EFI i used mac pro 6.1 (and had problem with asus 750TI.after i changed it to GT640) I tried to change model to 14.2. The same situation. This situation after BullCPUPowerManagement (on new EFI by KGP) debug.log.zip On the old EFI even with this kext without changes.
  3. Thank you for reply! And for the time! I attach my old EFI. It worked before i update Bios of my motherboard and Video Card. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6mjvd4s0wwegl2h/AADey8Jbkd91kxIzQdAjnnwna?dl=0 And the new EFI, which i did by KGP tutorial My setup is: Asus deluxe II (unlocked BIOS) 5930 GT640-DCSL-2GD3 (UEFI BIOS) 1) KernelPm option is enable, because without it the boot even do not start. 2 and 3 i will try soon ( i need little time to reed how to use kernel pre-pached ) Hervé, Thank you!
  4. Hello! I had good config for my Asus Deluxe II for booting two system: Mojave and Mavericks. The last one i need for music soft, which work only on this system. Not everything works perfect, so i decided to follow KGP tutorial and did new setup. I unlocked MSR 0xE2 on my motherboard UEFI patch # PowerMgmtDxe | Haswell-E/P F7731B4C-58A2-4DF4-8980-5645D39ECE58 10 P:0FBA6C24380F:0FBA7424380F # AMI APTIO V NvramSmiDxe (Socket 2011-v3 MB: C612, X99) NVRAM whitelist unlock 54B070F3-9EB8-47CC-ADAF-39029C853CBB 10 P:0F84B300000041F6:90E9B300000041F6 and update bios of my GT640-DCSL-2GD3 to UEFI (for CSM boot) But after this i do not have success boot Mavericks on KGP setup and my old setup too. But i really need it. i attach debug log and photo of last boot screen. Please, help me to understand where i did mistake? PS PS i tried to change model to 14.2 and 6.1 without success. debug.log
  5. Hello. The reason of this strange topic's title is that i need to use 2 different system. Maverics - for music soft Mojave - for daily use. Now i have Asus 750Ti, it's works perfect in Sierra and High Sierra. But not in Mojave. Could you please give me advice about what i can find in shop now for working OOB in this case. Thank you.