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Can't connect to App Store


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Hey I am running Mojave on my Desktop


I am facing this issue after I open AppStore Can't connect to App Store


I am using USB Tethering from an android phone after installing HoRNDIS-9.2


Also I wrote this Post on my Mac so there is no problem of internet 


I have also added this screenshot .


Please Help to your fullest ! 

Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 11.57.20 AM.png

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7 hours ago, Hervé said:

Probably the old and well-known, largely documented issue of not having a LAN card setup as 1st network interface en0. Once you have that in place, AppStore will work. Don't hesitate to use the forum Search facility or Google to look this up.


NB: if your LAN card is not supported, use Rehabman's NullEthernet driver to setup a dummy LAN interface.


Hey thanks for help !

Can I use Rehabman's NullEthernet driver even if my LAN card is supported ?


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44 minutes ago, Hervé said:

Well, if you can't identify yourself, why don't you post a zipped saved output from IORegistryExplorer? Just make sure the LAN card is not disabled in BIOS.


According to the documentation available for Intel DH55TC motherboard (not DT55TC), integrated LAN card is Intel 82578DC GigEthernet and this would carry PCI id 8086:10f0. All this subject to confirmation pending timely provision of your IOReg info of course... 8086:10f0 is supported by the following kexts, all compatible with Mojave:

  1. AppleIntelE1000e (older)
  2. IntelMausiEthernet (newer)


Hey I fixed it , but now I have another problem !

I am not able to sign in the window automatically gets closed ...

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