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  1. RagK

    Can't connect to App Store

    Hey I fixed it , but now I have another problem ! I am not able to sign in the window automatically gets closed ...
  2. RagK

    Can't connect to App Store

    I don't know whether it's supported I even don't know it's name etc. My Mother Board is really old ....
  3. RagK

    Can't connect to App Store

    Hey thanks for help ! Can I use Rehabman's NullEthernet driver even if my LAN card is supported ?
  4. Hey , I have installed MacOS Mojave on my desktop I am facing issue in which the front pane USB ports on my cpu are working only after a reboot. When I start my PC after a shut down the USB ports docent seem to work as USB pen drive is not detected Please Help
  5. Hey I am running Mojave on my Desktop I am facing this issue after I open AppStore Can't connect to App Store I am using USB Tethering from an android phone after installing HoRNDIS-9.2 Also I wrote this Post on my Mac so there is no problem of internet I have also added this screenshot . Please Help to your fullest !
  6. Hey i am running Mojave on my PC with intel i3 540 no external gfx DH55TC Mother Board I am facing a weird issue ... Sometimes (Alternate as observed) USB or Hard Disk doesn't get detected on the pc although as seen on Hard Disk (external) the light still blinks without hardisk being detected. I have tried editing config.plist to selectt USBInjectAll bet still no luck ... I hope someone would help me asap... Reguards...
  7. RagK

    [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Also try checking OsxAptioFixDrv-64 while installing Clover in Driver 64 UEFI and try legacy ...
  8. RagK

    [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Edit boot agrs and add UseKernelCache=No I had the same issue and I solved it..
  9. RagK

    [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Hey guys please help... Will this guide work on Desktop of High Sierra (I can downgrade as per needed)? I have Intel core i3 540 with Intel HD graphics (clarkdale) with same device ID 0042 . As referred from Wikipedia ™ Please tell if I can enable graphics !! Any help would be appreciated !
  10. Try booting with -v in boot args and see where the installation is stopped
  11. Glad to know but still I have same issue and pc is not booting : Please switch to XPC or bootstrap_check_in () : com.apple.bsd.dirhelper Please help with this ...
  12. Thankyou very much....just tell if I installed EI Capital will graphics be ok ? @Hervé I found something on Wikipedia (also back on windows) Please have a look at it
  13. Before installing mojave i had installed EI Capital on VMwre and it had transparent dock and graphics were working ... is't it strange ? i mean i am just clearing my doubts ... (i would just look for graphic card)
  14. Yes you are really right ... leave graphics please tell if i could get smooth hackintosh without graphic card my father wont allow me to buy one at least for now because i am in 10th grade...
  15. Is graphic card necessary for installation and will stock clover do the installation ?